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10 Common Safety Tips While Traveling in India

10 Common Safety Tips While Traveling in India

India being the second most populated country in the world, overcrowding is one of the biggest problems. Majority of the people traveling to India will face dangers such as, stomachaches due to buying unsealed bottled water, high level of beggars in the streets, risk of theft, which may include pick pocketing and scams, cyclones and tropical storms are also common in India. However, we will discuss them more vividly. The safety tips include:


1. Common Sense

While traveling in India always be aware of your surrounding and make sure you are conversant with the place. Assuming that since you are a foreigner in India does not necessarily mean that you are safe from all danger. Always pack your common sense with you.

2. Avoid Buying Bottled Water

Tap water in India is considered unsafe for drinking. In other cases, one might buy bottled water and forget to check whether it is properly sealed and therefore leading to stomachaches and other diseases. Diarrhea is common in those traveling to India thus the term ‘traveler’s diarrhea’.

3. Always Dress Accordingly and in a Respectable Way

A foreigner may attract a lot of attention while traveling in India and strangers might want to have photos with you. In most cases, the female travelers are the main target of staring since they might put on revealing clothes hence might draw lots of staring especially from men. In places of worship also ensure that the clothes you have worn cover from the shoulders to the knees (Image by Ben Beiske).

4. Ensure that You Dispose of Litter in a Proper Manner

Although India has a large population of people, cleanliness is considered important aspect. Do not through away litter in the open environment but preferably in the litter bins. This also includes the plastic papers and cigarette butts.

5. Practice Patience

As said earlier, India is the second largest populated country in the world and therefore you may have to get used to crowds of people.

6. Keep Your Belongings Safe and be Alert

Due to the large crowds of people in India always ensure that wherever you are, your valuables are not out if sight and remain on watch (Image by Herkie).

7. Handling of Drugs and Smoking in India

The act of smoking is prohibited in the streets of India so u might probably want to go to a guesthouse; hotels if there is need to smoke. If caught smoking in public one can be charged/fined for such.

8. Ensure That You Learn Some Local Language

This is important as it enables you to be part of the Indian family and relate closely with people thus receiving a good treatment from them.

9. Crowds and Congestion in India

Due to the large population, there will be overcrowding of people and congestion in the towns of India. You will not be surprised to see people leaning on you.

10. Avoid Mixing with Strangers During Festivals

There are so many festivals that take place in India and as much as you are trying to be conversant with their tradition and religion, always be careful of whom you intermingle with.


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Featured image courtesy : Ben Beiske