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10 Places You Want to Go in Mexico

10 Places You Want to Go in Mexico

Mexico in the north of America is a truly picturesque country that is definitely worth visiting once in your life time! It is a place full of culture with Mayan ruins scattered around as well as traditional colonial cities and buildings! Experience this yourself by travelling to mexico to learn more about its vast history and culture and make your own beautiful memories!

1. Cancun

If your looking for a relaxing break on tropical beaches sipping tequila in the evening look no further than Cancun. Renowned as a top party destination, Cancun is also home to historical sites such as the Mayan ruins. If you want to take a break from the bars you can learn more about the Mayan culture in the Maya de Cancun museum.

2. The Copper Canyon

These vast remote canyons are definitely worth visiting. The beautiful scenery can be best appreciated on the Chihuahua al Pacifico train which takes 16 hours with numerous stops and places to explore! (Image by Martinus Nijhoff)

The Copper Canyon, Mexico


 3. The Mayan Riviera

Vast stretches of white sandy beaches on the Carribian cost this is certainly the place to go if your looking for a scenic peaceful holiday. This destination offers spa days, golf, Historical sites and the Xel-Ha a large natural aquarium perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.


If you’re looking to experience Mexican culture this is the place to be. There are plenty of museums to visit and traditional Mexican villages with quaint little shops and resturants. Oaxaca is surrounded by Zapotec ruins which can be explored by foot!

5. Veracruz

Situated in the Gulf of Mexico, Veracruz is perfect for all you adrenaline junkies out there! The high mountains and numerous caves make it a great place to explore. There are numerous adventure activities including, rafting, zip – lining, Mountain biking and kayaking.

6. Puebla

This old colonial city is located 110km from Mexico City. It is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and volcanoes. It is very popular among tourists for its culture, history and the tasty local cuisine! (Image by Russ Bowling)

Puebla, Mexico


7.  Tulum

Tulum is a historical site located on a cliff top overlooking beautiful tropical beaches. The ruins were were once used to defend against invaders. Spend a day here visiting the ruins or snorkelling in the warm ocean!


8. Mexico City

Built on top of a filled in lake the capital offers everything you could want, culture, shopping, bars and restaurants.


9. Merida

Full of both Colonial and Mayan history and tradition, the nearby ruins and the beautiful old Merida Cathedral makes Merida worth visiting.


10.) Palenque

This archaeological site is home to numerous Mayan ruins including The temple of inscriptions and well as many other ancients sculpture and architecture.


If you are feeling inspired to travel to Mexico make sure you visit some of these places and take in the vast history of ancients civilizations. If you are just visiting Mexico as a tourist you do not need to have a visa and you will be able to apply for a tourist card on arrival. Once you have filled out a immigration form at border crossing you are free to enjoy your holiday and explore mexico! Just make sure you don’t lose your tourist card as you will need it when leaving the country and the fine for a replacement in $295! Other than that you can relax and enjoy yourself and make the most of beautiful South America!

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