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10 Tips to Follow When You Don’t Speak the Local Language

10 Tips to Follow When You Don’t Speak the Local Language

Introduction: Whenever you go for a travel trip, you want it to be one of the best times you have ever lived. So you don’t want any obstacles or any kind of problem arising during your trip. One of the most important points to remember to achieve this is knowing about the culture and etiquette of the place or country you are traveling to. This will help in making sure that you don’t end up doing thing which are regarded as rude in their culture. In this way you can avoid some unpleasant situations that can affect your trip. Moreover, if you don’t know the native language of the place you are traveling or going to travel, you can face problems in communicating with people. Here are some travel tips you need to follow when you don’t speak the local language:

1. Learn Important Phrases/Words

If you don’t know the local language, then at least try to learn important phrases and words like “do you speak English?”, “sorry” , “Help!”, “water” etc. This will help you in facing most situations and in case of emergency.

2. Learn to Apologies

You should learn to apologies to people in case you have offended them through words or actions.

3. Don’t Laugh Unnecessarily

If you hear any word in the local language which you find funny in hearing, remember not to laugh on it. By laughing on such occasions, you can offend the local people.

4. Carry a Local Language Dictionary

Don’t forget to carry a local language dictionary. This will help you in day to day tasks. Though you will not be fluent in speaking these words but you will be able to convey your message to others (Image by Robert Snache –

5. Make Note of Emergency Contact

Be sure that you have noted down all the local emergency contact numbers like ambulance, police or fire brigade etc. with you. This will help you in getting help faster in case of emergency situation.

6. Contact a Friend

If you know a friend or colleague who knows the local language, then call him/her in case you are not able to convey your message to others.

7. Hire a Guide

If possible you can hire a professional guide. Professional guides will not only help you in case of communication problem but also provide you with useful information during your trip.

8. Learn Traffic Rules and Signs

Remember to learn the traffic rules and signs. If the traffic signboards are in local language, then it can cause you problems while traveling (Image by feelix).

9. Avoid Disputes

You should avoid disputes because not knowing local language will cause you problems in justifying your point and there are chances that you will end up being proved wrong.

10. Learn Basic Counting

Make sure that you learn basic counting in local language at least from 0 to 9. This will help you while buying any goods or services.

Hence we come to know that we should understand the culture and local language of regions we will travel during the trip. In case we don’t know any of these things, we should follow proper travel tips and instructions so that we don’t hurt the sentiment of local people. This will help in making our trip experience a pleasant one.

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