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10 Tips You Should Know When You Are Travelling Alone

10 Tips You Should Know When You Are Travelling Alone

Traveling alone can be both exciting and scary. Traveling alone can allow you to do exactly what you want on your adventure, but tourist should understand the danger that comes with this luxury. Scam artist are everywhere and ready to take advantage of clueless travelers. Follow these ten tips to ensure that your adventure is not only safe, but also affordable and fun.

1. Don’t be Fooled by Outrageous Cost

Taxi drivers and other service people can easily identify who is a local and who is a traveler. Before getting on your flight, research how much it will cost to get to the hotel from the airport. Before letting the cab driver take you anywhere, ask the approximate cost. If it seems excessive, get out and find a different cab.

2. Know Hotel Check-in Times Some Hotels Close Check-in Times at Night

Flights often come in late or get delayed. Be sure you know if and when the check-in cut off time occurs in order to avoid being stranded without a place to stay.

3. Always Carry Identification

Having identification handy is crucial when traveling, especially when traveling abroad. Be sure to keep a form of identification with you at all time. Also, things can get lost or stolen when traveling, so, if possible, have other forms of identification kept in a separate place as a back up.

4. Avoid Being Taken Advantage of as an Ignorant Tourist

Local scam artist scout out areas looking for key characteristic of tourist in order to know who to exploit. Don’t wear fancy, out of place jewelry or clothing that will bring unwanted attention. Also, avoid wearing tee-shirt or other clothing that would add to the illusion that you are an out of towner. Always walk with confidence and try to have a clear idea of where you are going. Also, be sure to stay in well populated and well lit areas, giving yourself more of a chance to find help if something bad were to happen.

5. Avoid Letting Others Know You are Traveling Alone

Local and traveling scam artist prey on individuals traveling alone. Give the illusion that you are traveling in a group by mentioning that you are meeting up with friends or family if someone notes that you are traveling alone.

6. Keep friends and Family at Home Informed About Your Travel Plans

Leave your traveling itinerary with someone at home and keep them updated about changes in your plans. Also, check-in with the same person periodically. Then, if something were to happen, they would know sooner and be able to inform the officials in your supposed area.

7. Sign up for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

STEP give the State Department more authority over you, allowing domestic help to step in during emergency situations that may occur abroad.

8. Make Friends

While it is important to be aware of the danger of scam artist, you don’t want to be alone your entire trip. Make friends with the locals, but also stay aware and don’t be fooled.

9. Avoid Single Supplements

Hotels and cruises sometimes offer single supplements to give group activities to those traveling alone. These supplements are expensive and can add 25 to 100 percent to the overall cost. Instead, look for roommate placement options. These options help you find traveling friends. But remember, safety first, and inquire about the placement process to ensure that you are rooming with a safe individual.

10. Be Flexible and Go with The Flow

The exciting thing about traveling alone is you can satisfy solely your desires. Take advantage of last minute options, which often result in chances to save money. Also, be open to staying in hostels, as they offer an affordable and clean place to stay.

Traveling alone allows you to do exactly what you want when you want on your vacations. Above all, you want to stay safe when you are traveling, and should always make responsible decisions. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and may result in a dangerous situation.


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Featured image courtesy : Victor Chang

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