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12 Of The Oldest Buildings in The World

12 Of The Oldest Buildings in The World

Luckily for us the world has kept a great deal of its heritage that can still be appreciated today and give us an insight into the past of humanity. Some of the oldest buildings in the world offer wonderful architecture that showcase the talent of mankind throughout the passing centuries. Read on to find out which buildings are the oldest in the world.

1. The Cairn of Barnenez-France

Built in 4800bc this structure once served as a pottery. Made up of 11 different chambers and has some of the earliest monolithic art in history. The original monument was made up of 4 tonnes of stone that would have taken 200 men 3 months to build!

2. Pyramid of Djoser-Egypt

This beautiful pyramid dates back to ancient Egypt in the 27th century. Designed by an architect famous in history-Imhotep. He later became a deity in Egyptian heritage.

3. Tarxien Temples-Malta

These breath-taking structures are renowned as the oldest free standing structures in the world! Legend believes that a giantess named Sansuna built the two temples with her own hands (Image by travfotos).

4. Tomb Of Cyrus-Iran

Iranian wonder and resting place of Cyrus the Great of Persia. Featuring six broad steps up to the entrance and is located on the world heritage site that is Pasargadae.

5. Parthenon Temple-Greece

Built in tribute to Athena- patron deity of Athens and situated in the Athenian Acropolis circa 480bc. This wonderful architecture has truly stood the test of time with the majority of columns still intact.

 6. Sanchi Stupa-India

The oldest stone structure in India. It is impressive that this Buddhist place of worship still stands, especially after it was unused from the 13th to 19th century!

7. Merhgarh-Pakistan

Dating back to 2600bc, these storage units possess the first evidence in ancient history of when mankind began to domesticate animals.

8. Tumulus of Bougon-France

These 5 barrows are from the Neolithic age, used as stone carving workshops in 2800bc. Upon traveling to this destination be sure to visit the Bougon museum for an insight on how mankind used to hunt and catch fish. Displays include ancient artifacts and tools.

9. Colloseum-Italy

The Roman Empire built this magnificent structure; it has a capacity big enough to hold 50,000 people. Built in 70-80AD, it is one of the first displays of mankind becoming more cultured and civilized as generations progressed (Image by  Soin Photography).

10. Knap Of Howar-Scotland

This stone house is situated on the shore of picturesque island- Papa Westray. Settlers made this farmstead in 3700bc. It is not thought that the house was built intentionally right next to the sea; instead years of natural land erosion have made this happen.

11. Sechin Bajo-Peru

This ancient place resides in the Andes of Peru. Sechin Bajo was used as a plaza and is thought to be the oldest ‘Urban’ site of discovery in the Americas.

12. Maikop Kurgans- Russia

Last but no less beautiful is these numerous tombs, built in the early Bronze Age circa 3000bc. Silver and gold bull figurines were found in each chamber upon excavation.

The natural world is a beautiful place, but nonetheless humanity has many accolades and structures to be proud of. It would be interesting to see which structures in modern society will be deemed as that of ancient magnificence in centuries to come! All over the world you are never too far away from incredible, ancient architecture.


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Featured image courtesy : SBA73