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3 Budget Hotels in Barcelona

3 Budget Hotels in Barcelona

Have you ever wondered if budget travel in Europe is possible? Traveling to Western Europe doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. In fact, there are numerous hotels in Barcelona and other destinations that are both luxurious as well as affordable. Below we will discuss three budget hotels in Barcelona that will make your stay in Europe memorable.

Hotel Catalonia Roma Hotel

Catalonia Roma is a luxurious 3-star hotel near the Plaza de España in Barcelona. A room can be booked for as low as $27,- per night. The hotel is located in the prestigious area of Eixample. Even though the hotel doesn’t offer many attractions by itself, the area in which it is located is filled with possibilities to make your stay an adventurous one. Eixample is known for its marvelous architecture by the famous architect Gaudí.
Hotel HLG City Park Pelayo

Hotel HLG City Park Pelayo offers comfortable rooms starting at $32,- a night. The hotel is located at only 5 minutes walking distance of the heart of Barcelona; Plaza Catalunya. Since the area in which the hotel is located offers many attractions as well as an exciting night out, you will most likely find yourself exploring the streets of Barcelona all day long.

Hotel Barbara

Hotel Barbara definitely proves that budget travel in Europe is possible. It is the cheapest of all budget hotels in Barcelona. A night at Hotel Barbara can be spent for as low as $17,- per person. The hotel is simple yet offers all that is necessary for a pleasant stay. It is also located near numerous attractions in Barcelona like the famous Boqueria market.
Budget travel in Europe is definitely possible. Barcelona is not the only destination that offers affordable accommodations. Greece can also be considered for budget travel since it offers many cheap hotels and apartments that are both luxurious and enjoyable.


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