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3 Holidays Good Enough to Be a Competition Prize

3 Holidays Good Enough to Be a Competition Prize


A luxury Italian villa holiday is enough to attract attention from all corners whether one is an avid traveler or a competitions enthusiast. If it is the ultimate prize in any competition, it is bound to compel more people to participate just to get a chance to stay in a luxury Italian villa. This is because the villas are magnificent and come with state of the art facilities such as pools, some outdoor and indoor, spacious grounds with sporting facilities and elegant rooms with impressive décor that you may only dream about for your house.

Some of the luxury villas you may find in Italy may have been wealthy farmhouses some still in working farms, palaces and even monasteries which have been delightfully renovated and furnished yet retaining an ancient Italian charm. The beauty of staying in a luxury Italian villa is the freedom, privacy and getting to taste the Italian cuisine on your own terrace with stunning views.(image by gregorio8055)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  LUXURY ITALIAN VILLA GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A COMPETITION PRIZE

Italy is one country that even celebrities keep frequenting and never really getting fed up or visiting all its wondrous attractions. It is seeped up in rich history, culture and fascinating geography. Its rural countryside is something of a fairytale and most holiday makers seek to stay in rustic Italian villas to enjoy its magical scenes and soak up in authentic Italian lifestyle.

Luxury villas in Italy come in all shapes and sizes ranging from conical shaped Trullos in Abruzzo to traditional Italian farmhouses in Tuscany and modern seaside villas along the stunning Amalfi coast. Any competition prize of a luxury villa holiday any of the stunning locations is rewarding and unforgettable.


The English countryside is a complete contrast to its bustling gorgeous cities. It is quiet, beautiful and littered with castles, fortresses, palaces, ancient towns and quaint villages where life still goes on undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the cities. It is also a place where opulent manor houses, elegant stately homes and palatial homes able to accommodate large groups can be found, perfect for an exclusive prize in a competition (prize management companies often offer it as an option).

The UK has had a very intriguing past of battles, kingdoms and all sorts of income generating activities from farming and mining to fishing. This kind of past is evident in the countryside where all the ancient structures can still be found still retaining the ancient look. It is the perfect place to explore and experience the English culture and its rich past.(image by Rich Optimizers)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  LUXURY HOLIDAY IN THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A COMPETITION PRIZE

Imagine the excitement of staying in a huge house once occupied by the nobles and the wealthy, enjoying all the modern comforts yet having a glimpse of the past through the antiquities and designs of the holiday homes. These large group accommodations in the UK countryside deserve to be the ultimate competition prize because they are intriguing, telling history in their own special way and they are sophisticated giving an opportunity to ordinary people to experience the joys of being a wealthy Englishman, noble or royalty in the past.

The large holiday homes located in different regions of UK are ideal to host large groups some sleeping up to more than twenty people at a time. They have spacious rooms, manicured gardens and atmosphere fit for nobles. For weekend parties, stag nights and family reunions, they offer the best destinations for such activities.


India is a vast country of many faces and with a complex geography; in the far north the Himalayan mountains tumble into great river valleys of the holy Ganges, Yamuna and Punjab. To the west the unforgiving desert of Thar stretches to the Pakistan border while in the south the high tableland of the Deccan Plateau forms the core of the Indian Peninsula.(Image by Soma Houseboats )

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -  LUXURY HOLIDAY IN INDIA GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A COMPETITION PRIZE

With its incredible geographical diversity, India does not disappoint for any kind of holiday, it is a destination that most people would love to visit at all costs even if it means participating in any kind of competition. A luxury holiday in India is a wonderful competition prize as you can ride in luxury trains only once used by the kings and royal families exploring its stunning landscapes, dine like a king or queen in palace hotels and live in opulent mansions high in the beautiful hill stations. The Kerala backwaters offer tranquility in serene lush locations, staying in a luxurious houseboat in Kerala is an ideal way to explore the region and local activities along the banks of the waters.

It is the ideal destination to enjoy the best of both worlds whether it is in the wilderness of the deserts, the mountains or along the beaches.


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