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3 Unique Tours with Easy Riders in Vietnam

3 Unique Tours with Easy Riders in Vietnam

Learn the history and culture of the Vietnam, which is a diverse country with magical history. The best way to enjoy an outdoor travel in Vietnam is by the use of motorbikes, Easy riders give you the perfect outdoor travel in Da Lat to places where tour bus or van cannot access easily.

Easy ride offers trips to cater for different budget and the number of days you wish to have.


Countryside tour

Get an excellent outdoor travel trip to enjoy the sight of hillside coffee garden, flower farms, special silk factory, handicraft weaving by the communities and also the amazing elephant water fall,

The trip is from Ta Nung through Nam Ban to Da lat.

Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of hot finest coffee at the local coffee shop while enjoying the cool fresh air.


6 days tour package

This is the second longest trip for 6 days and 5 nights, from Da lat, the foggy city through the sunny and windy Dak Lak, then through the waterfall of Dak Nung.

Up in the highland you will witness the diverse culture of the Vietnam people that is the K’ho and M’nong ethnic minority villages

Then finish the tour with a bang, through the ancient city of Hoi An, which is recognized as world cultural heritage.


1 day trip package

This is the shortest trip of 150Km, with the route through the new Khanh Le road to Nha trang, this is the best solution if you want to experience the feeling behind the motorbike but have limited time, and is also suitable to your budget of 75 USD,

The outdoor travel in Da Lat will not be successful if you will not experience a ride through the rain forest, the rural life of K’Ho and raclay ethnic minority and the workshop of the local people.


If hiking is on your wish list, there are several family hiking destinations around the world, these includes Fansipan and TachiNhu hiking in Vietnam, Torres Del Paine Circuit in Chile just to mention but a few, be sure the family will have a memorable hiking experience and enjoyable moments.


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