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4 Best Places to Visit in Russia

4 Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia has to be one of the most alluring places on the planet for most people to want to visit. For starters many of us never imagined we would get an opportunity to see the country during the cold war when it was the bedrock of communism.  The great news is that once you get there you will not be disappointed and are bound to fall in love with sheer scenic beauty and architectural marvels you will behold. But that’s not all because there are plenty of diverse attractions to pique the interest of even the most demanding and hardened well traveled tourist.

The Kremlin

This rather vast area is the center of the Russian government and official residence of the President. But the Kremlin also boasts of numerous famous cathedrals and landmarks. Ivan the Great Bell Tower is very popular and reeks of fascinating history like many other places you will visit in this exotic nation. The oldest museum in the country, the State Armory is another must see within the Kremlin with all its’ majestic treasures which includes a vast array of artifacts and the crown jewels. Your whole family is bound to be enchanted by the gigantic Tsar bell which weighs more than 200 tons.

Lapland Biosphere Reserve

Imagine a paradise of nature and you will begin to understand this amazing reserve that has many different species of animals and birds. It has quite a history since its’ establishment in 1930 and was even shut down for a while in 1951. It was later re-opened in 1957 and in 1983 was expanded considerably. 4 Best Places To Visit in Russia - Red Square
Red Square in Moscow

The Mausoleum of Lenin within Red Square with its’ glass tomb is a very popular tourist spot. And this is not the only historic site or attraction here, there are plenty of others. This area has existed as the main square in Moscow for six long centuries and entry is through the Resurrection gate. Red Square also houses the well known religious site St. Basil’s Cathedral which was constructed in the 16th century. Lobnoye Mesto is right in front of the magnificent church and is the place where the Tsars carried out executions when not making important announcements to the people. On the eastern side of the square is the colossal GUM State department store which has to be the most well known shopping arcade in the city. (Image by FlashGordon13) 4 Best Places To Visit in Russia - Old Arbat Street
Old Arbat Street

Amongst its’ other attractions Old Arbat Street is mainly the souvenir shoppers’ delight with numerous shops selling stuff that will help you carry the memories of Russia back home. You will also find many delightful and interesting restaurants serving all kinds of dishes including international cuisine. (Image by zibi47)

To enjoy the country even more during your family vacation it is useful to understand the culture and the people so as the reduce the chances of offending anybody. Naturally it is not advisable to try to outdo locals when it comes to drinking since they have a long history of taking in very strong drinks. Another thing is that you should not count cash or your change too openly because you will offend and also risk getting robbed. Finally one of the things you will quickly notice is that the people hardly smile. This should not alarm you in any way, because it is their nature and it does not mean that they are upset with you. Also don’t expect Russians to be punctual for meetings. The bottom line is that you should appreciate that it is a totally different culture in this extremely beautiful country.


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