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4 Good Ways to get Free Stuff when Checking in to a Hotel

4 Good Ways to get Free Stuff when Checking in to a Hotel

Travelers often miss out on the free items and other services that hotels offer. Most hotels will not include in their advert free things that are available for their guests, these might include some things like shower caps, shampoos, combs, moisturizers and others, and they tend to feel they will actually save something if you will do without their stuff. Bearing this in mind one ought to be vigilant especially before you even check in the hotel. Strong communication skills is encouraged at this instance, don’t be afraid to air your voice, speak out and say exactly what you want. Here are some good ideas that you can employ to get free stuff as you check in to the hotel 4 Good Ways to get Free Stuff when Checking in to a Hotel - Tip the Receptionist

Tip the receptionist

They say that a little kindness always goes a long way; the receptionists of all hotels are mostly cordial and are there to give you a warm welcome. When they do this for you, show some signs of gratitude, appreciate their efforts, you can give them a dollar or two each, you will be amazed on how best they willing to treat you. Mostly likely they will shower you with free stuff you never anticipated. In the real sense the gifts are actually meant for guests but it’s human nature that you be kind to those who are kind to you, receptionists tend to hoard them and only give those who they wish. You will be in their favorite lists and everyday you check in, more stuff will be there for you. (Image by Twin Work & Volunteer)

Ask for them

You can wisely negotiate you way up to get free stuff by actually speaking up and ask for them. Before you check in, tell them of the number of days you will stay and you can exaggerate them. Ask for the offers they usually have, chances are when they evaluate the amount of money you will be giving them, they will not want to lose you to another equally potential hotel, and they will amaze you by talking of the free stuffs that are associated with booking a room with them. Some hotels will even give you a gift pack and promise to avail everyday newspapers and magazines to your room, you will definitely enjoy being in the hotel. 4 Good Ways to get Free Stuff when Checking in to a Hotel -  Befriend the housekeepers

Befriend the housekeepers

When you arrive at the hotel you can just call the front desk and tell them the items you need, you can then complain wisely of the room conditions and request them to change the room for you. Chances are they will bring you the items you need and add you others as they try to keep you as comfortable and as cozy as they can. Housekeepers too are a good assets, they usually have lots of free items that they can give you, just create a rapport with them and enjoy the trail of benefits that will follow you. If they fail to change your room ask to see the manager and request for a breakfast or lunch voucher that will suite you for the inconvenience, after all these are free stuff meant for you. (Image by Henry Nelson)

Consult your travel guides

Basically before you check in for a new hotel, talk with the driver or a travel expert, they know of hotels that do offer free stuff upon arrival and they will be more than pleased to give you recommendations. Check in those hotels and if the free stuffs are not provided ask for them, you will be amazed to get good stuffs like a complimentary family dinner, free show tickets and short tours in the city or country.

Free stuffs are common in most hotels but the right approach is all what matters. Don’t demand for them, request for them, you will be given. Some of these stuff will go a long way to ensure you have a peaceable and enjoyable stay.


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