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4 Great Destinations in North America for a Last Minute Holiday

4 Great Destinations in North America for a Last Minute Holiday

Sometimes, planning for a holiday can be a challenging task. Life gets a little crazy and the only option you may have is to plan a last minute holiday. If your preferred destination is North America, then here is a comprehensive look at four amazing destinations to choose from.

Cancun Mexico

Located in one of the most strategic places in Mexico, Cancun is a paradise that also acts as the main gateway to the Caribbean and the Mayan World. It is located close to archeological sites where waters of the white sandy beaches blend with the white sand offshore. Its outstanding tourist infrastructure, coupled with a natural beauty where turquoise ocean, climate, white sand and the remnants of the locals’ culture combine to provide a truly tantalizing tourist attraction in a paradise environment. It has a unique distinction of being one of the Caribbean destinations that boast of modern amenities, world-class infrastructure and a landscape that is home to many exotic flowers. If you are looking for a last minute holiday destination, this is one place that must top your priority list.(Image by mabucka)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Cancun Mexico Destinations in North America for a Last Minute Holiday

Sandpiper Bay, Florida

By all standards, Florida is already a popular travel destination that attracts tourists from far and wide. When it comes to last minute holiday arrangements, Sandpiper Bay in Florida is a truly inviting location. Even though it is not a beach resort, Sandpiper Bay has a white sandy beach area and a number of outstanding amenities. Located not far away is the Treasure Coast, Kennedy Space Center and the world famous Disney World. With many signature activities and features, there is no denying that Sandpiper Bay is an inclusive resort spot worth visiting.

Whale-watching in Canada

If you are planning a last minute holiday, then whale-watching in Canada is a thrilling holiday experience that you may want to seriously consider. With thousands of kilometers of coastline, you can never run short of places to go whale-watching in Canada. However, one of the best whale-watching destinations in Canada is British Columbia. Other leading destinations are Newfoundland in Quebec, as well as Nova Scotia. The coastline of British Columbia, for instance, has one of the highest populations of Orcas whales in the world. On the same breath are also gray whales, humpbacks as well as minkes. The best time to watch whales in Canada is between April and October. Gray whales, however, begin to appear in early March. (Image by Nova Scotia)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Whale-watching in Canada Destinations in North America for a Last Minute Holiday

Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

Another outstanding holiday destination that fits a last minute planning is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Being one of the leading cities in the country, Santo Domingo has a wealth of attractions. With plenty of options to choose from, there is no limit to what you can do or see in this Americas European city. From the Cathedral of Santa Maria and Ozama Fortress, Santo Domingo is an inviting holiday destination that fits every budget and taste. There are also plenty of activities to engage in, in addition to white pristine sandy beaches and world-class restaurants that serve both local and international cuisine.

Due to time constraints, searching and planning for last minute vacation deals can be an overwhelming experience. However, this does not mean that you cannot find exciting locations that offer memorable experiences. By dedicating a bit of time and seeking guidance from a bit of online research, you can find outstanding last minute deals that offer value for money for last-minute North American holiday.


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  1. The best time to visit Cancun is during the winter season which occurs during the second half of December till early February.

  2. Yay happy you included Santo Domingo. So many people don’t mention or don’t know about it, plus I like the other 3 choices too. Great picks!