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4 Unique Volcano Hikes Around the World

4 Unique Volcano Hikes Around the World

Firm personalities are usually seeking for adventurous trips when thinking about vacations and who’s to blame since the feeling is pretty much exciting. The adrenaline won’t pump up through any vein if nothing is feeding it, so sometimes too much sun and walks at the museum may become not necessarily boring but let’s say, not enough.

Whether is a quick breath taking bungee jumping or a simply hiking tour, adventurous travelers are always seeking the untouched beauties of the nature protected by a mystic halo that keeps attracting them to an exciting exploration. One of the best options is waiting right at the bottom of world’s volcano mountains, these miracles of nature that are offering outstanding hiking tours, inviting backpackers to toast a bunch of marshmallows right at the top, where the lava is starting to be noticed.

Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland – a contrast between hot and cold. You probably heard about this glacier volcano at the news, when in 2010 a thick smoke, provided from its last eruption at that moment, put in difficulty several international airlines. Although it is located pretty far from the capital Reykjavik it’s worth all the patience in the world since half of the country and the sea are visible from the top. The hiking route is pretty difficult and long – it may last even 8 hours – so it’s better to visit the volcano during summertime when days are longer, also be sure to have the necessary equipment or else you won’t be able to continue the hiking tour.

Pinatubo, Philippines – the natural pool.  One of the attractive reasons of hiking the Pinatubo volcano it’s the exotic crater-lake. Think about swimming in a volcano pool and it’s only minutes until you’ll feel the adrenaline pulsing through your body. The hiking route lasts only couple of hours and it’s not too difficult to climb. If feeling attracted by the opportunity of swimming in a volcano lake, note that January is the best month to do it, however, even if the temperature is a delight expect the water to be chillier.

Mount Etna, Sicily – Europe’s most popular active volcano.  Etna is a great chance to for any type of visitors. Hikers are invited to climb right to the top where they can enjoy stunning views of Italian region of Calabria while those who are not into hiking may take a surrounding train tour around the volcano. Because Etna is still an active volcano is better to check before adventuring in a hiking tour as the roads may be closed. If you get lucky then be prepared to confront some pretty strong winds.

Pacaya, Guatemala – dangerously active.  Located near the city of Antigua, this active volcano is like the forbidden fruit as hikers are not allowed to climb to the top for safety reasons. This is a good place for those marshmallows as the heat increases its intensity at the end of the route. Same as Etna, be sure to check the availability of the volcano and if there’s green light then the best way to visit is during one morning between November and January.

In conclusion dear adventurers, anything it’s possible with a strong will. Just double check your backpack each time you’re leaving for a hiking tour. Some volcanoes are still active and may become dangerous so a full equipment including proper footwear, flashlight, bathing suit, warm clothes is mandatory.


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Feature image by Teppo Soininen

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