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5 Amazing Family Destinations in Spain

5 Amazing Family Destinations in Spain

Are you aware of the beautiful and amazing places in Spain? Are you planning for your family holiday outing anytime soon? Spain is a European diverse country culturally, historically, geographically and gastronomically. During the winter months, for example, you can chose to ski in the mountains or catch some sun in the long beaches. Not all countries are in a position of offering dual options in the same season and month, but Spain can. Interestingly, while in Spain with your kids, you can use technology to identify geographical directions. How? Just by using your smart phone to locate direction, for example, as you educate your children on the history and geography of the destinations you are visiting. Do not ignore on elaborating to your kids on histories of various places as you travel since it is part of adventure. And to make this happen, know that cheap internet in Madrid for tourists can be found easily and you can choose the plan that meet your family needs. Among the many well-known destinations and family attractions in Spain, there are lesser known sites such as mention in this article.


1. Alhambra palace

Alhambra palace is an impressive monument found in Granada. It is so beautiful to an extent that it has made many people cry. The monument raises the spirit and enriches your visit experience. In fact, when you see the place you will be motivated to revisit Spain with your kids again. Just beside it is the beautiful Genera-life Gardens where there are sweet oranges for your kids and you to collect, perfume of roses and intoxicating jasmine.(Image by Martin Gordon)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Alhambra palace Amazing Family Destinations in Spain

2. Mesquita of Cordoba

The place has been beautiful scenery since Moorish times. In fact it is good since it was not left out like other deteriorated and even demolished Mesquites. This one was done to be a catholic cathedral. Reaching here, ensure you marvel all horseshoe arches over the sea of marble columns- this will make your kids more fascinated.  Truly the place is an artistic masterpiece and it is very magnificent. Do not leave it out of your itinerary.

3. Alcazar palace

This is also an impressive point in Spain located at Seville. It has small palaces making it amazing and beautiful place just like Alhambra. It has Mudejar ceiling and stucco work, using the word”beautiful”doesn’t even begin to describe its beauty. The walls are made of the most amazing tiles found in Spain. The gardens are huge and are marvelous. You family will surely have a joy to discover this place.

4. Plaza Espana

Another impressive monument found in Seville. It has the Mudejar architect style, which is one of the most beautiful plazas and structures in Spain. Every province has benches, art in tile, and coat of arms that represents it. The design is very original.The  huge fountain is also impressive.(image by arosadocel)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Plaza Espana Amazing Family Destinations in Spain

5. Spain coastal restaurants

When you visit restaurants in Spain you will understand more on what is the meaning of family unity. Adults and who still live with their parents is a common thing in Spain and the family get the chance to spend more time together. And as you walk along the many restaurants, you and you kids will witness this beauty where local families gather together while feasting and enjoy the family values. This is, with no doubt, a great learning and a joy to for your family. Many children invest great time and efforts to ensure the oldies are well taken care of. Which is also a great lesson for your kids to witness.

I have no doubt that your family will have a blast in Spain while exploring some of these unique places. From experience, a different route in the less taken pass is a better holiday with unique experiences.  Remember to book all your needs in advance and search for reliable internet service providers in Madrid to ensure reliable connections at all times. And as for travel insurance, find a provider that offer a family package which is not only more affordable but also provides appropriate coverage. Enjoy!

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