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5 Awe-Inspiring Holiday Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of

5 Awe-Inspiring Holiday Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of

Whether you’re planning a winter break or already thinking about where to go next summer, planning a holiday can be stressful at times. Where are the best places to go? What’s going to be the best value for money? Which holiday destination will provide the best Facebook photos?! If you want to visit somewhere that’s a little bit ‘outside of the box’, that isn’t rammed full of tourists, then you’re in the right place. We’ve put together 5 of the most awe-inspiring holiday destinations, which we bet you’ve never even heard of.

Phi Phi Island

Thailand has become a popular tourist destination over the last decade, especially with young travellers and those on student gap years. Many holidaymakers will head to the bright lights of Bangkok or party the night away in KohPhangan, so avoid those places if you want somewhere tourist-free. Instead, head to the stunning Phi Phi Island for a truly laid back and unforgettable experience. With white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, this is the type of place you could imagine living the dream in. The general attitude here is less hustle and bustle; more relax and enjoy the scenery; perfect for those who want to kick back on holiday. Don’t worry though, if you’re missing out on adrenaline rushes then there are plenty of speedboat cruises to bring your heart rate back up.

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Phi Phi Island is a much more relaxed option than Bangkok


Croatia is a hidden gem in Europe, although is starting to see a rise in tourism. With many tourists flocking to the popular Zagreb or Split, avoid the crowds and make your way to Rijeka instead. There are plenty of post-war and other historic buildings in the area, including a rather impressive fort in the Trsat district. One of the biggest draws of Rijeka, however, is their annual carnival, which attracts around 100,000 people every year. This port city also comes alive at night, with some of the best bars and clubs in Europe. Want an unusual party destination, complete with historic sites and attractions? Rijeka is your place!


This absolutely stunning town of Alesund in Norway is just as impressive as some of the more popular tourist destinations, such as Bergen. The town itself is known for its jaw dropping Art Nouveau architecture, which makes for some rather cool photo opportunities. Alesund centre is tightly packed onto a narrow, fish-hook shaped peninsula; quite possibly the reason why this is Norway’s largest fishing area. There are some beautiful viewpoints to be found in the area including the Fjellstoua Viewpoint, which provides an unbeatable outlook of the landscape. You’ll also be surrounded by mountains and islands, for when you’ve run out of things to do in the centre. If you’re looking for a break that combines stunning views with unique attractions, then Alesund is the place for you.


Why not take a trip to the ‘Arab Capital of Culture’ and experience something completely unique? Situated right next to Dubai, Sharjah consists of the main city, along with enclaves such as KhorFakkan,Dibba Al Hisn and Kalba on the east coast. This gives you plenty of opportunity to explore a wide variety of sights and attractions. Very few tourists make it to the city as they believe travelling to the United Arab Emirates is expensive. However, you can get cheap flights to Sharjah and even take a day trip to the touristier Dubai. Combine a trip to the bustling city centre with a few hours relaxation on one of the sandy, white beaches nearby. This is one holiday destination that has it all! One word of warning: Sharjah is hot on decency laws, so ensure you keep knees, stomachs and backs covered.

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Sharjah has an incredible mix of city culture and beaches

Lord Howe Island

If you truly want to avoid civilisation then head to Lord Howe Island, in Australia. Only 400 visitors are permitted to the island at any one time, which means you’ll pretty much have the whole place to yourself. This World-Heritage listed area is thought to be a true paradise, by those who managed to secure themselves a place on the guest list! The beaches are sandy, the waters are clear and the mountains are breath-taking. If you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to live on your own, private island, then this is your perfect holiday destination. Remember, the best time to visit Australia is during winter in the UK; the perfect excuse to get away from the wind and rain here.

So, how many of these holiday destinations had you actually heard of? Be honest! Hopefully we’ve given you a bit of unusual inspiration for your next jet setting trip. The next time you go to book your usual holiday destination, consider one of these alternatives instead.

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