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5 Best Historical Places to Visit in Greece

5 Best Historical Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is probably one of the most popular countries around the globe due to its many legends and controversial history. From Mycenaeans in late third and the first half of the second millennium BC to the present, Greece has been very popular because of the twelve mythical Olympian Gods living in Mount Olympus: Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Hermes, Hephaestus and either Dionysus or Hestia, who were presented several times within Greek mythology, books, novels, poems, and more.

Greece is extremely reputable because of the large variety of historical places to visit it includes, offering visitors a marvelous traveling experience that cannot be easily forgotten. All traveler attractions are spread across the entire country, which allows visitors to enjoy their experience to the fullest while traveling from an area to another.

Delphi Theatre
As one of the most important historical places in Greece, Delphi Theatre was the home to the sanctuary and oracle Apollo, and it was built in order to offer spectators a view of the landscape below the sanctuary. The number of spectators, it could seat reaches 5.000, offering them an excellent view of the scene and of all the performances that were taking place at that time. Now, Delphi Theatre is extremely visited throughout the year, as many travelers come here in order to take photos and enjoy the wonderful view. 5 Best Historical Places to Visit in Greece - Meteora

Meteora, which is the Greek term for β€œsuspended in the air,” is a historical place consisting of six monasteries climbed on several rock pillars, which were built starting with the 14th century. Gaining access to this place might become extraordinarily difficult due to the fact that it requires large nets in order to haul up both people and goods. (Image by MY PHOTOS 1000+)

Parthenon, Acropolis
The Parthenon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Greece, which served as a temple, church, mosque, fortress and as a powder magazine as well. Athenians started to build the Parthenon in 447 BC and ended the construction in 432 BC. However, Persians destroyed the Parthenon throughout its life, but it was then replaced after that. At this time, all travelers who come from across the globe enjoy visiting the Parthenon, which has been representing this country for a long time.

Santorini is a volcanic island located in the Cyclades group of islands, popular for its whitewashed houses, dramatic views and stunning sunsets. Fira, which is the metropolis of this island, combines both Cycladic and Venetian architecture, as there are several cafes, hotels, restaurants and other constructions. 5 Best Historical Places to Visit in Greece - Mykonos
On the fifth place there is Mykonos, which is an extremely famous island that is widely recognized as one of the best historical places in Greece. Chora is the a stunningly picturesque Cycladic town with plenty of small streets, whitewashed steps lanes and houses. Travelers who come to Greece are oftentimes interested in visiting its white sand beaches and diversified nightlife, which offers many pubs, clubs and lounges where they can have fun. Mykonos offers impressive views that surprise the visitors through their uniqueness and vivacity, bringing novelty to their lives. (Image by Dan)

If you enjoyed traveling to Greece, then Croatia will definitely surprise you through its incredible variety of historical and cultural places to visit, including Dubrovnik, Korcula and Pula Arena. Relaxing, calm and very picturesque, Croatia is exactly as attractive as Greece in terms of interesting traveling spots, so take the necessary time for studying this amazing opportunity that will bring you closer to the “pearl of the Adriatic.”



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