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5 Best Tropical Beaches to Visit in Asia

5 Best Tropical Beaches to Visit in Asia

Asia is known for its world class hospitality and great food, but it also has some of the best beaches in the world. The warm tropical weather, the palm trees and the white sandy beaches have become a trademark of tropical beaches in Asia. Countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and French Polynesia boasts of highly popular beaches and attracts a large number of international tourists. There are some beaches in Asia, which are more beautiful than the rest and it becomes really difficult for the tourists to choose a beach destination for their next family vacation. To make things easier here is a collection of the 5 best tropical beaches to visit in Asia. 5 Best Tropical Beaches to visit in Asia - Boracay
Boracay Island, Philippines

The white beach is one of the main tourist attractions on the island of Boracay. The beautiful stretch of coastline extends for 2.5 miles and is known for its white sandy shorelines. Swimming and all other water activities are promoted and the beach promenade is lined with hotels, resorts, guesthouses and restaurants. Many people, however, feel that Boracay Island has been over commercialized, but the stunning shoreline continues to be very popular in Asia. (Image by Jun Pedraya)

Sanya Beach, China

The Sanya Beach is 7 km long and is known for its white sands. The beach is located to the southeast of Sanya city and the weather here is very similar to that of Hawaii which has earned it the nickname ‘China’s Hawaii’. The coastline is lined with coconut trees and the warm temperatures make this a perfect place to enjoy the sun and sea. There are more than 30 world class resorts on Sanya Beach including the uber luxurious Mandarin Oriental. 5 Best Tropical Beaches to visit in Asia - Kata Beach

Kata Beach, Thailand

The Kata Beach in Phuket is very popular among the families and is renowned for its fine white sand. The shoreline is lined with palm trees looks beautiful in the setting sun. The place boasts of a number of good hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. There are lots of water based activities which keep the visitors busy during the peak season. The beach remains crowded with tourist in the summer and the months of May to October  as the waves are perfect for surfing. (Image by Kristen Sutcliffe) 5 Best Tropical Beaches to visit in Asia - Phu Quoc Beach

The Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam

The Phu Quoc Beach, located on the largest island in Vietnam, is hailed as a hidden gem’ by all tourists and travel guides. If you are visiting this beach for the first time, then you will be truly amazed by the crystal clear waters and the coastline which is sugary white. There are a number of good hotels and resorts, including eco-friendly beach bungalows. (Image by Lotussia Travel)

Main Beach, Cambodia

There are many people who are not even aware that Cambodia has a beautiful coastline which is a good thing actually because the Main Beach is still unspoilt and not overtly crowded. It is easily one of the most incredible beaches in Asia and the tourists simply love the peacefulness and the magical feeling of isolation. The Main Beach is actually located on the Rabbit Island and the only accommodations one can find here are the small huts which help to add to the charm of the rustic atmosphere.

The above-mentioned 5 beaches are easily the best in Tropical Asia but it must be mentioned that the beaches in Malaysia and French Polynesia are also worth a visit. Each of these Asian tropical beaches has a unique character of its own which makes each one different from the other.



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  1. Sanya is ok, but it doesn’t touch the beaches in Indonesia and The Philippines.


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