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5 Famous Trekking Sites in South America

5 Famous Trekking Sites in South America

There are many trekking sites in South America which gives you that unique opportunity to feel immersed and drinking from the roots of this amazing culture. Trekking is always a good and a fascinating experience, at the end of every day, though you will feel exhausted, good memories and excitement of conquering large tracks of land will always carry the day. South America has been a great trekker’s destination owing to the many and amazing trekking natural trails that the country has to offer. Here are some five of the most famous trekking sites in South America.

Patagonia in Chile Argentina

Patagonia has some of the best breath taking treks in the whole of South America. Torres Del Paine uniquely crowns trekking sites in South America, this vast site has dramatic landscapes and this has continuously made it a hub for trekking. Trekkers can request for tour guide services from locals who love assisting foreigners’ but at a small fee. They also offer to carry backpacks at a fee. You will enjoy to camp in these natural places and enjoy seeing the picture worth taking landscape from below. 5 Famous Trekking Sites in South America - Inca trail trek

Peru, Inca trail trek

Peru located South America has some exciting treks too. The most famous among them is the Inca trail which requires advance booking as it’s always full. This should not ward you off from Peru, Santa Teresa Trail and Weaver trail are also some good trails that are also worth consideration, they are quite good and there are very minimal chances that you will find them full. The limit is set to avoid burglary and to reduce incidences of crimes and accidents. Northern Peru boasts of having the best treks as it has ideal trekking landscapes compared to the Southern Peru. (Image by Robbie Girdler)

Ecuador, Paramo of Salinas trek

Ecuador too has some great trekking sites, these are mostly located on the scarps of the Andes Mountains. You can go for a good hiking adventure and get to the top of Ecuador’s highest peak, Chimborazo volcano. Another great trek in Ecuador is the Paramo of Salinas which is actually a highland that rises over 4,000 meters above the sea level. You can also consider other hiking treks like those of Piedra Blanca that rise to like 700 meters, don’t overlook it as it can take a whole day to conquer it, the trek is located in the Andes Mountains.

 Venezuela, Mount Rorima Trek

Venezuela located n South America also has some good trekking sites, you can consider trying to get to the flat topped Mount Roriama or a lesser equivalent trek like the Merida. The trek is quite fascinating and has a lot of spectacular views that you will love to catch with your own naked eyes. 5 Famous Trekking Sites in South America - Ciudad Perdida

Colombia, Ciudad Perdida Great Trek

This is one of the most marvelous and incredible of all treks in South America. The trek actually takes five days and involves maneuvering through the rain forests and passing some enchanting Latin’s America ancient ruins. Los Nevados trek in Park National offers a perfect contrast of trekking in the Andes. (Image by SelvAventuras)

South America consists of many countries which have distinct and unique trekking sites that are worth attempting. Every trek will pose its unique challenge to the climbers. They say that every trek adds you experience as no trek is like the other. You should consider trying out these great treks the next time you intend to visit South America. You can carry your family and friends with you to make the trekking more exciting.


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Featured image courtesy by Fabio Fliess

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  1. Planning to travel South America as well one day in the future and the great outdoors must be amazing in this part of the world. So looking forward to some trekking adventures too, exploring the marvels the continent has to offer…


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