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5 Great Family Activities in the Caribbean

5 Great Family Activities in the Caribbean

Family holidays can be quite stressful especially if they are haphazardly planned. Kids require unique preparations as their needs are unique unlike adults needs. Depending on the age of the child, you will have to selectively choose the places to visit, places to eat and most importantly what to eat. Caribbean‘s holidays are no less; however, the islands have a lot of activities that will best suite you and your kids as well. The Caribbean’s has stood the tests of time to become a great tourist destination owing to its diversity in music as well as its rich cultural heritage. Scenic views and picturesque beaches with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are what welcome you to a great holiday to the Caribbean. Here are some great family activities that you must try out while in the Caribbean.

Get to the rain forest

Caribbean’s have nice and lushly tropical forests which feature wild monkeys and parrots which roam freely in the untamed wild. Activities to do include: tree climbing, gliding on zip lines or getting to swinging bridges that will definitely give you some thrilling rides. The best of these places is the Palmetto Bay which features some nice climbing walls and numerous swinging bridges. The west bay is also an ideal location to take your kids.(image by Bob Zheng).

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Swim with the Dolphins

Have your kids ever gone swimming with dolphins? The Caribbean Institute for marine Sciences features a nice dolphin encounter program that’s open to the general public. The dolphin swim is the most famous activity on these islands. The bailey Key is the greatest of all as besides some amazing white sands, you will swim with some great schools of friendly dolphins where you can swim in groups and coax some dolphins for about 20 minute.  The recommended age for this activity is 13 years old.

Get to see the corals

Take your family on a ride on a coral reef explorer and let them have a good glimpse of the Caribbean corals formations. The ride basically is done on a glass bottomed boat which seats up to 25 persons. The boats are lined with air conditioners to ensure you keep comfortable, you will have amazing opportunities to see the multicolored corals, spotted eagles rays as well as amazing schools of tropical fishes via the boats windows. The tour is conducted on daily basis and lasts 50 minutes, but indeed they are 50 minutes that your kids will never forget.

Horseback Tours

Horseback rides along Caribbean pristine beaches is not only romantic but kid friendly, the tours usually have guides and usually commence from the West End and pass through some of best Caribbean Sceneries as it heads to the West Bay where you can actually break and relax as your kids swim on the beaches. Remember to keep an eye on them or better still be with them. Horseback tours last for some 90 minutes which is good time for experienced riders as well as beginners.(image by ISVolunteers).

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Horseback Tours Great Family Activities in the Caribbean

Pet an Iguana.

Though an unusual attraction, Sherman Arch’s Iguana Farm is an ideal place to get your family to as the kids will love the real treat. The farm features over 2,700 spiny and big lizards which roam freely on the grounds. The iguanas are tamed and you can get to the farm on afternoons when you can tame and pet feed one of the lizards.

Caribbean islands are a must get to destination; remember to pack smartly before you leave with your kids for the islands. Carry not only suitable but also adequate clothing that will protect you and your kid from colds. While you are booking the flight, you can get the kids to the flight stuff to ideally keep them busy. Holidays to the Caribbean is the best way to spend your vacation especially if you will be traveling with your family.


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