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5 Great Spanish Islands for Summer Holiday

5 Great Spanish Islands for Summer Holiday

Are you planning to spend your next holiday vacation next to an amazing beach? Well, an island will definitely give you the best solution along with tons of memorable moments. As a matter of fact, many people face difficulties when choosing the best island to spend their next summer holiday on. Did you know that Spain offers some of the best island deals in the world? You simply cannot regret selecting your next summer holiday on some of Spain’s fascinating islands.

When people speak of the best islands, what is it that qualifies them to be good enough to be termed as “the best?” It’s a rare combination of magic, quality, and joy that the five great Spanish islands below all share to qualify them in our top 5 great Spanish islands for summer holidays.

1. Minorca Island

Minorca Island gives some of the best deals and is an ideal place for either families, friends or couples. The island has a multitude of hotels to make your stay perfectly comfortable. The Minorca people are friendly and always are willing to give a helping hand. Some of the things you cannot miss to do while in Minorca Island include visiting the stone walls ofCovad’enXoroi. This place is an artificial cave about 25 meters above the sea and life within the cave is just fantastic. In addition to this, Covad’enXoroi boasts two bars and a club. Other sites including the white village, path of horses, and CalaGaldanamay make you want to spend even a decade in Minorca.(Image by Jose Ramon)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Minorca Island for Summer HolidayTravel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Minorca Island for Summer Holiday

2. Gran Canaria Island

A day or two absolutely cannot be enough time to explore the famous Gran Canaria Island. The island has several hotels at affordable prices and with unique motives made to satisfy their clients. A wide range of divine restaurant offer both traditional and more Western foods. Some of the “must do” things to do on Gran CanariaIsland include a fascinating nature activities, museum visits, and the crocodile park in Aguimes.There are also tons of water sports including scuba diving, waterskiing, and windsurfing.

3. Lanzarote Island

Lanzarote is located to the east of the Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean. The island has over five hundred hotels at affordable prices and the highest quality of service is always guaranteed. Apart from the comfortable life in the hotels, there some places you cannot afford to miss on your visit. These amazing activities will just intensify your fun on the island as you learn more about their fascinating culture. Explore Timafaya National Park, go on the wine route, visit Chinijo Archipelago or experience Caleta de Famara. Your Lanzarote Island experience is sure to be amazing. Arriving to Lanzarote Island, using sites such as Flythomascook, is pretty simple by air and early booking is strongly recommended.

4. Tenerife Island

Dazzling night life, shopping, tourist attraction sites and the dozens of outdoor activities on Tenerife Island are the key contributors to the large number of visitors the island receive every year. Some of the places you cannot afford to miss around this area include Loro Park, Masca Valley, Volcan El Teide, Siam Park, and Garachico. The island is also extremely well-known for its water buggy ocean fun.(Image by Tiziano Salvini)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tenerife Island for Summer Holiday

5. Ibiza Island

To those who love endless partying, Ibiza Island is just the best place for you on your next summer vacation. Ibiza Island night life is lively with several macro clubs scattered all over the island. Apart from the night life, vacationers love visiting some of the more-famous island sites including the lovely town of Ibiza, Saint Antoni de Portmany, Playa d’enBossa and Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Moving from one city to the other is not a challenge since there are different methods of transport from one location to the other. From one island to the other, you can travel by bus or if you like a bit more independence, car hires are available from the relevant authorities. Some hotels even offer transport transfer services so all you need to do is consult them whenever you need to travel.

Everyone wants a vacation that will give them great value for the money and memories of a lifetime. An island holiday in Spain guarantees quality services and endless entertainment in every department to make sure you have the best vacation.


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Feature image by Tan Yilmaz