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5 Luxury Cruises in Around the World

5 Luxury Cruises in Around the World

There is no better way to enjoy your honeymoon than on a cruise. Cruises make your first few days as a couple memorable. South America offers several luxury cruises with all inclusive features ranging from fine dining experiences to spacious staterooms. They include prearranged stops at exotic places with everything included in your fare so that having fun becomes the top priority. Here are the top five luxury honeymoon cruises in South America.

Princess cruises

This is a luxurious on-board experience with fantastic excursions and memorable destinations. It sails between the Valparaiso and Buenos Aires. It gets you through the Chilean fjords and special islands such as Puerto Mont, Ushuaia and Punta Arenas.

Royal Caribbean cruises

The royal Caribbean cruises offer a romantic escape packed with adventure. There is an on-board ice skating, rock climbing, surf park and mini golf. When you go ashore, you can explore the Alaska trek glaciers, scuba dives of the Bahamas and numerous historical sites in Rome. The Cruise offers travel to over 160 destinations keeping you busy and entertained. It also contains several on-board bars, night clubs, lounges and casinos. You can take a seven day South American trip with this cruise.

Celebrity cruises

On the celebrity cruise, you will get well acquainted with five star services. It includes on-board services such as world class dining, butler services, endless entertainment, language classes, cooking, night clubs and casinos (image by conory).

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Carnival cruise

This is a perfect cruise to explore the Antarctica. The Antarctica islands consist of more than 29 species of land birds, over 607 plant species and over 19 sea bird species. Get to view them in a luxurious exploration using the Caribbean cruise. The line offers adult retreats, scuba dives, guest entertainment, music and dance parties. You can also play inboard basketball and golf and experience the romantic dinners on-board

Viking river cruise

This is a perfect way to explore the amazon and Caribbean regions on a 14 night voyage. It offers organize stops at luxurious places around South America to make your honeymoon experience beautiful. You will stop and enjoy the luxurious Costa Rica beaches as well as its classic hotels and night life. At Rio de Jeneiro, capture all the experiences for a few days before leaving for the next stop. Popular attractions in Rio De Jeneiro include the Sugarloaf Mountains; the Christ is the Redeemer Mountain, Petropolis Mountain, Tujica national parka and Rio De Jeneiro Cathedral.

South America is explored with three main cruise types. The Amazon River cruises, specialty cruises and South America Explorer cruises. The Amazon river cruises lines explore the amazon and Caribbean regions, travelling over 900 miles on an aggressive exploration mission. The Amazon River is deep enough to accommodate very big cruise ships. The specialty cruises offer exploration between Iquitos and Yuri Maris. They occasionally include air transfer charges for impassable areas. The South American explorer cruises include all the routes around the Cape Horn, the Magellan Strait and the Buenos Aires. They offer about 12 sailing nights between December and march each year.


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