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6 Famous Meditations Center in India

6 Famous Meditations Center in India

India has been known to be home to great world meditation centers. Visitors from far and near flock these places to carry out their meditations every year. Mostly, the courses take approximately ten days and are offered twice in a month. Here are six most famous meditation centers in India that are worth to visit.

Sikhara Dhamma

Sikhara Dhamma has one of the most serene meditation site in India, located in the mountains, the towering pine trees and encompassing environment that’s filled with fresh air will always give you a memorable experience. The meditation site is also one of the best picturesque centers in India, meditation is offered in a ten day course which is done fortnightly between the months of April to November.

Dhamma Setu Vipassana Center

The meditation center is located in the outskirts of Chennai amid some paddy fields and the open farmlands of South India. The meditation center is a serene landscaped paradise that gives you the peaceful environment and some peace of mind as you meditate. The facility came into being in 2005 and has a gorgeous golden pagoda that can accommodate three hundred individual students in its meditation “cells”.  Larger meditation halls have a carrying capacity of approximately 100 students. The popular ten day course that hosted twice a month still operates and children are also offered some courses.


Located in Uttaranchal north India, Rishikesh is at the Ganges and Chandarabhaga’s stream confluence. The meditation center stand at an altitude of 356 meters and is encompassed on three sides by hills. Over the years Rishikesh has been known as yoga capital of the world. You will get a good number of ashrams who offer meditation courses as well as yoga. Pranayama and hatha yoga are conducted at Sri Ved Niketan Ashram classes which are very popular among Indians. The facility also hosts International yoga festivals are also organized by UP tourism and commence from 2nd February to 7th February annually. 6 Famous Meditations Center in India - Nashik


Nashik city is located in Maharashtra and is well known for its mythological, social, historical and also cultural importance. On this city stand the ancient ghats and temples that are situated on River Godavari banks. The river flows in between the city and this makes Nashik to be considered one of the holiest places among the Hindu community all over the world. The temples make the city to be considered as a great meditation center. (Image by Sujan Singh)

Harid war

Located in North India, harid war is in Uttaranchal state and stand at a height of approximately 300 meters. In Hindi this names literally implies “the gateway to the gods” harid war is among the seven holiest places in accordance to the Hindu mythology and also acts as the gateway to three other great pilgrimages, the Rishikesh, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Harid war has a good number of meditation centers that are meant to cater for your own needs. 6 Famous Meditations Center in India - Dhamma Giri

Dhamma Giri in Igatpuri

Dhamma Giri happens to the largest known meditation center. The center has over four hundred cells that you can carry out individual meditation and also happens to be the best place to take intensive practice that’s private and secluded from other bodies. Their ten day course is in very high demand and is done every fortnight, all year round. (Image by Ray Tomes)

You might consider visiting these great meditation sites in India, you will feel more nourished and as a traveler it’s advisable to communicate with the facilitators and book your ten day course in advance. Meditation is a common practice among Indians and chances of the rooms filling up are quite high, so don’t take chances.


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Featured image courtesy by Moyan Brenn

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  1. There are several yoga schools also run by grand masters in india