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6 Great Attractions in Iceland

6 Great Attractions in Iceland

Most people think of kilometers and kilometers square of glacier when they hear of Iceland. What many actually don’t know is that Iceland is actually a country that’s worth visiting. Here are some of the best places that you can visit in Iceland.


In Hvita, Iceland, two powerful tier waterfalls converge at Gullfoss to form Gullfoss falls, the falls sight is a spectacle irrespective of the season. The Gullfoss setting in a deep canyon, followed by icy peaks and then the gravel desert that follows immediately makes this site a must visit destination. It’s amazing to see terrain change abruptly, closer to the river thrives spray fed vegetation that so green, a contrast of the desert. Children should always be supervised as most of the paths are slippery and there are no safety rail or warning signs. 6 Great Attractions in Iceland - Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is a premier geothermal spa in Iceland and serves as the country’s most striking spa. The lagoon is set in desolate lava wilderness and this lava heats up the blue waters which add a surreal display of colors. You can enjoy lazing in the steaming and beautiful waters and have some natural beauty treatment or better still have your meals besides the lagoon as you enjoy catching that seasonal aurora display. As you get out of the lagoon you can detour and go to see Grindavik salt fish museum, Selatangar’s abandoned fishing camp or the Seltun’s hot springs.  (Image by TONY BATES)

Geysir Hot Springs

Lying on the lower slopes if the Bjarnarfell, northeast of Reykjavik lies dozens of waterholes among in geysir spout which donated its name to all the geysers of the world. The hot springs have been active for more than 1,000 years with Strokkur being the most impressive spout. Despite being larger Geysir pool just produces bubbles, you might be very lucky to see the geyser spout water. Haukadalur also a nearby place has a very interesting old church that you can actually go for undemanding hiking.

Vatnaajokull National Park

The national park covers twelve thousand square kilometers and this is actually about ten percent on the entire Iceland. The park is home to Vatnajokull icecap and other disconnected areas that are surround its fringes. You will be fascinated to go and watch elongated canyons, majestic waterfalls of Jokulsargljufur , Skaftafell’s paired glaciers and high moorland. The remains of Lakagigar calamitous volcanic event and Lonsoraefi’s wilderness will keep your mind busy for some days. Activities you can carry out include, ice climbing, hiking and dog sledginig and ski- doing within the park. 6 Great Attractions in Iceland - Latrabjarg bird cliff

Latrabjarg bird cliff

The latrabjarg has recently been a very remote place in Iceland; it used to a farming area in the 1960s but has since been depopulated leaving the place for the latrabjarg birds which normally come to breed in the summer months. Most visitors get to this place to witness the large numbers of charismatic puffins. There are also some museums and a fantastic beach at Breiovak that you can actually visit to see. (Image by For 91 Days)


The name means a country man’s bathing pool and in actual sense the place is a pure lush of hot springs that are surrounded by Starks of wilderness in snow streaked mountains. The site is a fantastic camping site and a great spot that lets you appreciate nature’s rugged interior.

Iceland is a very beautiful country that full of marvelous and spectacular warm sites. Since it’s also one of the furthest country it’s less inhabited and this means that most of their attraction are at their very best original setting.  Unlike many countries, Iceland is least polluted so you will enjoy to see natures at its best. Visit some of these places the next time you are in Iceland.


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