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6 Great Ways to Explore South Africa

6 Great Ways to Explore South Africa

If you wanted to go on a safari trip, South Africa would be among the first destinations that you would consider. This is more so because South Africa gives a seeming blend between the raw wild nature and the comfort that is provided by modern technology. As such there are quite a number of modes that one could use in order to see some of the amazing scenarios and wildlife that this southern paradise presents. The diverse weather patterns here may also prompt one to use various methods to get to different attractions and also the natural barriers could be another reason to weigh as to which mode to get you there.

South Africa is among the few countries that are loaded to the brim with touring pleasure. Planning a safari trip to this incredible and breath taking part of the world is a tedious business. Not so because of what you would expect as the lengthy planning as a result of scarcity of things to do but because you would not know where to go and where to leave out. However, maybe choosing a mode of transport would help narrow down the options.

Among the most ancient transport animals in Africa are the camels. There is no other more exotic way to explore South Africa than by using a camel. The animal’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions would ensure that you are able to see more. However, before renting out one it is better to agree on a fee and bargain exhaustively. Once on the camel, you can trek across the plains and relate with the nomadic tribes. That provides an experience that you may never forget (image by bazzbeto).

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The most basic mode of transport could be more fun than you have ever fathomed. While in South Africa you could use your feet to hike the diverse landscapes that include dramatic sea cliffs and indigenous forests. While at it you could also catch a glimpse of the ocean, get to see some seals, the bottleneck dolphins and some whales. However, its more advisable do this between June and October. You could also marvel at the safari animals at the Kruger national park and some of the big five roam within the park right across your face.

You could also opt for a horse ride. This is one experience that you will find riveting regardless of whether you are a professional galloper or just a beginner. By this, you will be able to visit the long sandy beaches, see the mystic mountains, lush vineyards and the extensive bird and wild life all while relaxing on the back of a horse. Areas like Limpopo, Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal are places where you could get fabulous horse riding trials.

Among the best modern ways to sight see in majestic South Africa would be by using a 4×4  jeep. The reason is the open top gives you enough room to interact with your surrounding more profoundly and the ability of the vehicle allows you to see more places in a shorter period. You are able to visit the most remote and rugged beauties of South Africa as a family or a group of friends. Camping and national park viewing are some of the things in which a jeep would be a handy mode of travel.

If you are not a lands person or if you just want to add a twist to your visit, just jump on a boat. There is a variety of this but the experience does not differ vastly with regards to the type of boat you choose. With lots of marine life like whales and seals and sports like power boating, nothing could replace this experience. The experience could be more exhilarating if you came about the times the whales migrate to the coastline to mate which happens once every year. Then you would be able to get up close with the mighty beasts.

Remember that such immense natural beauty comes at a cost. Also the different climate could pose some serious dangers to your health. As such, before visiting South Africa or planning a safari trip you should have yellow fever, hepatitis A and B and also malaria vaccination. If you are going to have an extended stay you should also make sure that your polio shots are up to date. If all this is in order then run down south and have the time of your life.


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