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7 Surviving Skills you should learn for a Better Travel

7 Surviving Skills you should learn for a Better Travel

Be it a family, personal or business trip, you require to arm yourself with some surviving skills, most surviving skills are consistent irrespective of the means of travel that you are using, be it air, road, rail or water. Here are some of those tips that you can employ while travelling

 Be simple, avoid creating a show

Irrespective of how well off you feel you are, never expose your costly possessions while travelling, this way you will travel safely. Showing off will only attract thieves who won’t hesitate to mug you in front of public. It’s so easy to identify a foreigner in your native country after all. Remember to avoid dressing expensively, just be simple like others, and avoid expensive watches, jewelry and other items while travelling.

Travel in groups

It’s easier to be robbed when you are on your own than when you are as a group. If you are to be somewhere all by yourself then it’s better to leave your possessions at home and just carry some few dollars with you. Chances are if robbers corner you, they rather part with some few dollars rather than part with your life or incapacitate you for life.


Keep your important documents in a safe and secure place. This can be a place in your pack or even give them to your friend who you are sure is more careful than you are. You can also diversify and place your documents in different places or give each of your friends a document to keep for you; chances are if one gets lost, not all will be lost, that way you are cautioned against total loss. 7 Surviving Skills you should learn for a Better Travel - Travel Light

Travel light

Many travelers tend to overlook this, it’s one of the greatest travel tips that you can ever come across, light and comfortable luggage is best as you can easily maneuver your way in a dangerous situation. Light luggage also relieves you the stress of carrying heavy luggage’s as you travel. It also wards off the necessity having locals helping you to carry your luggages as they can steal without you knowing. (Image by Nicola Co)


Most disease causing organism enter your body system via your mouth. Ensure you eat clean food and drink pure and clean water. Strange dishes are a must avoid, if you have to try local food, eat from established restaurants no matter how expensive the food will cost. Buy snacks in supermarkets and malls and carry them as you travel, if you will have to eat fruits, ensure you peel the fruits before you eat, you can travel with a pocket knife if necessary.


If possible carry your own drinking water while travelling. If you have to buy or drink water outside, always ensure that the water is sealed. Avoid refilling your bottles with water from unknown sources, chances are very high that the water might be contaminated or will not work well with you. You can also boil your own water and carry it while you travel. 7 Surviving Skills you should learn for a Better Travel - Map


Instead of constantly enquiring your directions from strangers carry a map with you. Google maps also come in handy. Mark or star important places like your local food court and your accommodation site. (Image by Britt-knee)

You might also consider other surviving skills while you travel. Read more about your travel destination especially what to watch out. Different destinations have different problems to worry about. Be vigilant and keep safe, avoiding a problem is better than solving it.


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