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8 Best Shopping Cities in the World

8 Best Shopping Cities in the World


New Year brings shopping excitement as most people want to look new. This is also the time of the year when shopping is booming and fashion and style trends improving significantly. International shoppers will definitely be searching for great places to buy their clothes and here are the top shopping cities we recommend for them:

Madrid, Spain

Madrid City ranks third for great prices and offers on a wide-ranging luxury items in the Globe Shopper Index. The city is renowned for many classic-epoch shops like Capas Seseña shop which sells traditional exceptional cotton, wool and velvet men’s and women’s capes. The famous clientele include Hillary Clinton, Picasso and Pierce Brosnan. Casa de Diego is another and sells souvenir combs, fans, castanets, mantillas and is renown for masterpiece, unique silver-made.

Dubai, UAE

Telling you that Dubai is the best place to shop for cheap and state-of-the-art goods is probably a cliché which I have already done but you still don’t know a lot. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest mall in the area, with theme parks, fountains, a waterfall, mega-ice rink, indoor souk, aquarium and malls-in-the-mall from all over the world. So practically it is like shopping in the whole world from one place. If that’s not enough, there’s the Mall of the Emirates containing the 1st indoor ski resort of its kind in the Middle East. Dubai Mall also hosts the yearly Dubai Shopping Festival in January and February and is famed for deals and discounts of up to 70% on clothing, electronics and other item

8 Best Shopping Cities in the World - Milan

Milan, Italy

Home to most of the renown fashion names ranging from Versace, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Milan is not a city to be ignored in the fashion and design industry by shopping lovers. The city is filled in all directions with an array shops, malls and the famous Il Salvagente outlet which is always months ahead in fashion trends. The most beautiful experiences are of course from the Quadrilatero della Moda or Quadrilatero d’Oro which is considered the city’s most significant fashion district. The city is also lined with boutiques, showrooms, genuine-high quality leather shops and jewelers and you won’t lack something unique to buy and even for those without money, window-shopping is simply irresistible. (Image by Mattia Brivio)

Hong Kong

Probably famed for very friendly sellers who come in handy when it comes to world-class bargains, Hong Kong’s shopping offers are found nowhere else on the planet. According to Global Shopper City Index research, 76% of shoppers and tourists expressed outstanding satisfaction on value for money in and tips on their best Asian shopping city. So tour Hong Kong for a great personalized shopping experience, especially in its boutiques.

Paris, France

Paris is filled with thousands of Parisian department stores, jewelers, the best-sales shops, restaurants and has the largest beauty department in the world. The city also boasts among the highest tourist shoppers worldwide and is also famed for the world’s best fashion and you have great reason to shop there

London, England

London prides itself as Globe Shopper’s Index rank as a top European shopping city and the world’s top most fashion shopping destination. It also has more shops than the rest of Europe combined and has the highest accessibility to local and international brands. You don’t have to be told to shop there those were the facts.

8 Best Shopping Cities in the World - Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea’s, Seoul is one of the most addictive shopping places in the world. It is so serious that some people find themselves going back home from the city coinless. In 2011, South Korea recorded jaw-dropping figures as cash-only transactions were made illegal. This lead to the popping up of shops everywhere in Seoul, from luxurious exotic department stores to towering shopping malls which work round the clock. The city’s airport also boasts cheap-selling and attractive duty free stores trading in both foreign and local products. Local boutiques are also very cheap and elegant which stock a good mix of the latest trends in fashion and old classy ones. Seoul is generally highly recommended for international shopping lovers and enthusiasts in fashion and design according to reports by the globe shopper index. They also recommend Namdaemun, Seoul Folk Flea and Gyeongdong markets for shopping sprees especially of traditional goods. (Image by W.T.G. Richardson)

New York, USA

Finally, you have not really shopped if you have not tried out New York City. In what other city do you find vintage shopping sprees and sale stampedes, great fashion diversity showrooms, rare gem shops, design houses including the likes of Dior, Givenchy, Galanos, Ungaro, Ossie Clark, Pierre Cardin etc. all together.

That being said! Happy Shopping!


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Featured image courtesy  by Joey Lax-Salinas

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