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A Dream Trip To Ireland

A Dream Trip To Ireland

Ireland is a perfect tourist destination as it has different places to visit. It is the magical island and every tourist dream destination. It is a good place for someone to go with his/her family. With the current hectic life in cities, there is a need to look for better place where your mind can relax. You do not need to search any more as there is an answer to that, Ireland. Life is a beautiful thing when you spend it well. Make sure you have visited this beautiful country in Europe; visit Ireland beckons to exploit its abandoned islands, windswept shores, rolling green countryside and ancient castles. Ten places you must visit when you in this island are as follow.

Boyne valley

This place contains some of the most important historic sites as well as monuments. It is a selected world heritage site. It is a place, which features massive megalithic passage tombs. They are graves dating which were used in ancient times. It is believed that these tombs are older than the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Ring of Kerry

For most people this place encapsulates the image of the Ireland. It contains romantic castles, ancient monuments, spectacular gardens and colorful villages and towns. The mention things above have been mentioned and featured in films, poetry, song and postcards.

The Cliffs of Moher

The most famous as well as breathtaking parts of the Ireland’s craggy west coastline is the cliffs of moher. This cliff stretches for more than 5 miles as it rises up to 700 feet over the waters of the Atlantic. Some of the view from the cliff includes Galway, Aran Islands just to mention a few(Image by Bryan Hanna).

Giant’s Causeway

It’s a coastal area of more than 40,000 basalt columns it is near the town of bushmills. This place is one of the famous tourist attractions in the northern part of the country. From stories, we are told that an Irish giant named Finn MacCool once lived in this place. No matter the stories, it is one of the best places to walk through.

Aran Islands.

A trip will not be complete without a visit at Aran Island. It is a collective name for the small islands, inisheer, inishmor and inishmaan. They are popular for their preservation of a rural existence largely unchanged by cultural means over the centuries.

The Burren

It is formed by limestone karst plates, which have been thrust to the earth’s surface. It is the world’s great big rocky mass. It is among Ireland most popular natural attractions. Limestone terrain of this place holds a special fascination for geologists (Image by JC Richardson).

Guinness Storehouse

A trip to Ireland’s most famous tourist attraction is a much compulsory for a self-respecting tourist in the country’s capital. The Guinness storehouse tells the story of how this popular alcohol drink is made and how it came to be one of the Ireland country exports.

Trinity College Dublin.

It is one of the most prestigious college in Ireland. One thing, which stands out in trinity, is the availability of its majestic buildings that are hundreds years old.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

It is the Irelands’ largest church, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Dublin. It is believed that St. Patrick baptized converts from paganism to Christianity.

Croke Park

It is a stadium where the beautiful Ireland national sports are played, these sports are hurling and Gaelic football. It is also the headquarters of GAA; it is the sporting body responsible for national games.

Ireland is the place to be, be it for vacation or holiday with family. The fascinating places discussed above will surely take your breath away.


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