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Are You Planning Your Winter Holiday in the UK? Get Some Ideas

Are You Planning Your Winter Holiday in the UK? Get Some Ideas

Even in cold winters, UK still has dozens of places you can still get to and enjoy your holiday. You can decide to get to historic cities like Edinburgh Host Huge or get to continental markets as well as national parks which are very attractive as most of their paths are converted to gorgeous winter wonderlands full of sparkling snow that’s amidst bare stripped branches. During winters you will need warm and comfortable accommodation but you need not to worry as UK is home to over 10,000 holiday rentals that you can choose from, starting already at the airport.  A great example is Heathrow Hotel and Parking which offer it visitor  a very convenient and large range of parking and hotel options at each terminal. What is a better way to begin your family or honeymoon winter holiday before taking your first step into the cold?  So here are some ideas of some places you can visit in UK while enjoying your winter holidays.

Pembroke shire

In the warm shores of Wales, you will get to Pembroke shire, there, you can engage in variety of activities like building sand castles, bracing, dipping in the warm waters, cliff top walks as well as relaxing on the fresh sea breezes. Despite being a winter holiday, you will enjoy the sunshine in the south coast of Wales that is considered to be the sunniest place in UK as it enjoys sunshine all year round. Get to Pembroke shire National Park and enjoy climbing, hiking and cycling before getting to the cottages that are nestled in welsh countryside. Here you will get your accommodation in self catering cottages that feature wood burning stoves and heartwarming rooms that are ideal for a romantic break away.


If you will be looking for excellent walking trails on your winter holiday, then, Cumbria should be your next destination. You can try the region’s most exigent hills, the great Latrigg Fell. From the hills top you will enjoy to see the incredible Borrowdale Valley and Derwentwater Lake which are both covered with snow in the entire winter period. You can then take a trip to Furness Abbey or Hadrian’s Wall where you can learn about the area’s most influential locals, the likes of William Wordsworth. You can also get to historic sites, icy lakes, cozy pubs all in Cumbria, if the weather gets too cold, you can consider having a flask with hot coffee with you (image  by minkebill1).


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Winter Morning, River Bela


Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, winter in Edinburgh happen to be during the festive seasons, you can consider to get to the Christmas markets that are characterized with fairy lights, Hogmanay that’s famous for its annual street party as well as princess street gardens which you can enjoy ice skating among other activities. You can take some mulled wine as you enjoy watching street performers do their best along Royal Mile. Get to German market that’s very interactive and full of handmade gifts, music and festive foods. You can also get to watch the gothic architecture that seems to soak the spectacular atmospheres (image  by @Doug88888).


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Edinburgh architecture

County Antrim 

Located in Northern Ireland, Black mountain is a must visit destination in county Antrim especially during winter, you will love to see the panoramas of Belfast and beyond. The mountain is home to some national trust walking trails which are ideal spots for exploring the great outdoors. Get to the Giant’s Causeways; remember to be dressed in some wooly jumper and sturdy shoes before you finally settle in some comfortable pub that offer a pint of local ale. Sunsets and sunrise will change to some blazing hues that illuminate the beautiful landscapes in red.

To make it very easy to access most places in the UK, you should consider to book your accommodation in cheap airport hotels. Most of these airport hotels are budget and family friendly and have accommodation options for everyone. The hotels also have ample parking spaces which are quite secure. Employ these few ideas while in the as you enjoy your winter holiday in the UK.


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  1. very interesting article; however, with no intent for commercial, i do recommend norway for even more beautiful winter sights:)


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