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Autumn Colors: Best Enjoyed in These Places

Autumn Colors: Best Enjoyed in These Places

With the dog days of summer behind you, it is time to explore the many bounties of the autumnal season True, there is  slight chill in the air and the weather conditions prove to be  a bit discomforting-but then , the colors surrounding you are indeed many and waiting to be enjoyed. So, instead of getting downhearted, get set for savoring the many hues and delights of the spectacular season of autumn, drag on your walking boots and head for one these stunning destinations-with winter days waiting in the wings to make their appearance. As you find your way through crunching fallen leaves, the dazzling views in store for you will surely not fail to impress.

Nara, Japan

As intriguing as the short-lived cherry blossom days of spring that paint Japan in bright new colors, autumn is worth a look too. In this season, you can look forward to seeing autumn leaves littering the country side, from the end of September. The thriving colors of the season can be best observed in the northern island of Hokkaid? and continues to spread southwards. These appealing sights can be best enjoyed by heading towards ancient capital of Nara-which is a short train ride away from Kyoto. Here, the vast parks are steeped in color, with sensational views of yellow, red, gold leaves forming stunning paths up right to Tamukeyama shrine-located in the northeast corner.(image by james_bond_mi6_jp)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Autumn Colors Best Enjoyed in these Places Nara, Japan

Agawa Canyon, Canada

Gear up for the ride of your lifetime aboard the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. Very soon, you will be treated to most beautiful fall foliage that you may get to feast your eyes upon on the planet. This mind blowing ride triggers off from the scenic precincts of Sault Ste Marie on Canada-USA border and covers 114 miles of unspoiled country sides that looks its best as autumn days begin to come closer. The mesmerizing views often region had the Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, Canada’s prominent landscape artists; all across the early 20th century. However, if you are planning you be here, then you need to be quick enough as the leaves generally fall for only a brief period, just at the beginning of October.

Forest of Dean, England

Gloucestershire-ancient woodland and an erstwhile royal hunting ground, is known for its trees that were used to make Tudor warships. Nowadays, tourists and nature lovers from all corners of the world travel to enjoy its prosaic sport of ‘leaf peeping’. Here, an eclectic mélange of beech, oak, and sweet chestnut offers a rusty riot of colors flanked by yellow and gold. Easily explored on foot or by a bike, the Forest of Dean is also home to wild boars-so watch out!

White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

Synonymous with ‘Fall’, New England is a one must-see spot for all nature lovers and those wishing to steep their senses in the many bounties of nature. New Hampshire’s White Mountains is  a rare treat too-with a flurry of colors making it one of the most sought after destination sin the world. as you find your way through narrow trails in October, you will be treated to a splendor of brilliant red maple leaves. Remember to visit the scenic locales of Silver Cascade Falls, deep in Carroll County-they are worthy of a look too!(image by Richard Taylor)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Autumn Colors Best Enjoyed in these Places White Mountains, New Hampshire, USA

Enjoy Autumn-the right way!


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Feature image Steve Brown