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Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

Scotland has a wide range of beautiful places that you can visit. With the great transport services offered especially by the Edinburgh airport car hire, visitors and tourists can enjoy some of the places that range from the rugged mountain peaks and wild marshlands to the glistering lochs. Tourists visit Scotland for the various jaw dropping views that include:

Loch Ness

This is the most famous loch in Scotland that offers more than the view of the notorious Loch Ness Monster. Visitors come here to explore the lake that is 754 foot deep. They also get a chance to visit the ruins of one of the largest castles in Scotland, the Urquhart Castle or even go on hike a around the lakeside. You can also discover some of the most mysterious sea creatures in the United Kingdom at the Loch Ness Center and Exhibition.(Image b Àngels)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Loch Ness Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

Ben Nevis

This is the highest point in Scotland as well as the highest mountain top in the entire UK. The Ben Nevis peak has a height of about 1,344 meters and is popular with a variety of activities including, hiking and rock climbing as well as scrambling up its face. Visitors are offered with one of the most spectacular views of the country especially the Grampian Mountains, the Glencoe and even the Atlantic coast.

Cairngorms National Park

This is perhaps the most popular place for those visiting the Scotland’s highlands especially due to its hair rising rapids that hurtles down the mountain sides as well as the shaded footpaths going through the ancient Caledonian forests. Tourists seeking outdoor adventures get their thrills in plenty of ways while in the vast Cairngorm Mountains. There are many biking as well as hiking trails that give great opportunities for wildlife watching. It also has white water rafting and even the main ski center in the United Kingdom.


Glencoe is considered to be the most scenic mountain valley in Scotland. It displays a serene landscape that may seem true to believe. The Glencoe is fronted by the amazing expanse of Loch Leven and the pinnacles of the Three Sisters mountain range, overshadows it. Visitors also enjoy viewing the cone like Pap of Glencoe and a walk through the valley is known to be one of the most rewarding hikes in Scotland.(Image by JACK McKAY)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Glencoe Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

Isle of Skye

Among the Hebrides Islands of Scotland, the most visited is the Isle of Skye which gives some of the most alluring landscape to visitors of the western Scotland. The island is known for its soaring mountains, windswept moorlands as well as scenic sandy beaches. The Cuillin Hills Mountain is popular with rock climbers and hikers who come to enjoy some of the best coastal views in the entire United Kingdom. The vast stretches of countryside can best be enjoyed especially in the low peak seasons when there are few visitors.

When looking for the most beautiful location to visits, Scotland’s wide range of scenic spots gives you the best destinations. There are many beautiful places in Scotland that you can find that give a different taste and experience.


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Feature image by Moyan Brenn