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Best Places to Visit in Canada

Best Places to Visit in Canada

Located in Northern America, Canada is home to surreal landscapes like the Niagara waterfalls, snow capped Canadian Rockies and some of the world’s most exotic towering cities. Being the largest state in North America, Canada has amazing spectacular coastlines, spacious prairies, majestic mountains and Arctic Tundra. You will also enjoy associating and interacting with Canadian rich’s culture. Here are some of Canada’s best destinations that you ought to visit this holiday season.

Niagara Falls

The continuous series of the three great awe inspiring drop of the Niagara Falls is a must see. The fall is located between the Canadian and United States border. For many years it has held the honeymoon capital of the world title and is continuing to be a popular destination especially for families and people seeking adventurous vacations.  Best Places to Visit in Canada - Banff National Park

Banff National Park

Located in Alberta Province, Banff national park is Canada’s most visited and also the largest national park. The park has breathtaking wildlife and other sceneries that you will enjoy. It’s linked by the Trans Canada Highway thus making it very accessible. The highway also happens to pass through the park. Great accommodation facilities are also offered in the park. (Image by Hornplayer)


Vancouver is strategically situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast mountains of the British Columbia. Over the years the town has risen to be a top destination for many owing to its majestic landscapes and the natural setting that allows tourists to swim in the vast ocean. Other activities include enjoying the skiing and snowboarding and rollerblading via the scenic parks and mountains. Vancouver functions as the third major metropolitan in the area. You will like the exotic hotels and hospitable services offered in this part of the country.


Calgary is Alberta’s largest city; it’s situated on the foothills of the famous Canadian Rockies that lie between the Canadian prairies. The city is the leading metropolitan in the area and attracts thousands of visitors every year who enjoy witnessing the well renowned rodeo event, the great Calgary stampede. The city is also a major oil exporter and this has facilitated its growth in leaps and bounds, you will enjoy spending your quality time in some of the finest world class luxury hotels.


Ottawa is located in the southeastern part of Ontario specifically on the confluence of two rivers, the Gatineau and the Rideau Rivers. Being Canada’s’ capital city, Ottawa is home to some of the greatest federal, financial and commercial establishments. Rideau Canal functions as the greatest attraction in the city winters are more fun as the canal forms the words biggest ice skating ring.  Best Places to Visit in Canada - Whistler


Whistler resort is one of the largest and most renowned alpine ski destinations, this is because it’s situated near the spectacular Blackcomb and Whistler mountains. In whistler you will definitely enjoy the charming villages and all year round activities that act as great tourists attractions. (Image by Foto-JJ)


Despite being a small town in Canada, it’s one of the greatest tourist destinations; the town draws thousands of people across all continents as they come to see the well known inhabitants, the polar bears. Churchill town, located in Manitoba has been nicknamed the Polar Bear Capital of the World. You can also enjoy viewing the beluga whales, aurora borealis and spectacular birds that frequent this part of the world.

Canada has been a large tourist destination owing to its great natural occurring features that many only dream of seeing. You will enjoy great accommodation services and hospitable services from the Canadian people, mark it top among your next travel destinations and you will never regret the exciting experience.


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Featured image courtesy by Mike Gabelmann