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Autumn Colors: Best Enjoyed in These Places

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Only The Best, Outdoor Travel, Travel Asia, Travel Canada, Travel Destinations, Travel England, Travel Europe, Travel Japan, Travel North America, Travel Styles, Travel USA | 0 comments

With the dog days of summer behind you, it is time to explore the many bounties of the autumnal season True, there is  slight chill in the air and the weather conditions prove to be  a bit discomforting-but then , the colors surrounding you are indeed many and waiting to be enjoyed. So, instead of getting downhearted, get set for savoring the many hues and delights of the spectacular season of autumn, drag on your walking boots and head for one these stunning destinations-with winter days waiting in the wings to make their appearance. As you find your way through crunching fallen leaves, the dazzling views in store for you will surely not fail to impress.

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Transportation Facilities to Traverse Japan

Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Outdoor Travel, Transportation, Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Japan, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel Tips | 0 comments

Japan, justifiably popular for its well-organized, extensive and efficient transportation system and network; is a commuter’s delight. In this nation, cancelled or late services are almost unheard of authorities take care to maintain schedules to the hilt. However, all these travel related conveniences come to you at a price, it is therefore advisable to look into money saving deals and offers wherever possible.

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Top 7 Exciting Theme Parks to Visit in Japan

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Family Travel, Outdoor Travel, Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Japan, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel Tips | 1 comment

Japanese culture is rich and diverse. It dates back to 10,000BC when Jomon people first settled there. Japan is widely known for its traditional arts and its contemporary pop culture. Surprisingly, even today if you visit Japan you will still see kimono clad women walking down the street with umbrellas on their heads. You can also see over-sized sumo wrestlers battling it out in the ring. A stylish cuisine, refined performance, visual arts and unique social customs, also contributes to culture which has turned out to be fashionable and attractive to foreigners.

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6 Amazing Places You Never Knew Existed

Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Family Travel, Honeymoon Holiday, Outdoor Travel, Travel Asia, Travel China, Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel Japan, Travel New Zealand, Travel North America, Travel Oceania, Travel Philippines, Travel Poland, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel Tips, Travel USA | 0 comments

When it comes to traveling to diverse places for vacations, there are those places that everyone knows and dreams of going. The Eiffel tower, the Vatican and the Grand Canyons are just a few of the most popular destinations. The funny thing is that there are beautiful places that you can go on vacation that are not known at all. Actually, these places are so hidden that it is only the locals of the area that know about them and their history. Below is a description of six of these places that you never knew existed.

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10 Most Unique Rituals of Various Cultures Around The World

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Extreme Travel, Outdoor Travel, Travel Asia, Travel Destinations, Travel Europe, Travel India, Travel Japan, Travel Oceania, Travel Spain, Travel Styles, Travel Tibet, World Culture and History | 1 comment

The world culture is truly diverse just like its people. For several years, different people from different parts of the world have been practicing various types of rituals. in addition, some of these rituals border on the absurd, while others are fascinating. However, one thing about this kind of practices is that they were initiated by our ancestors. The following is a list of 10 most unique rituals from various cultures around the world.

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13 Mysterious Places Around The World

Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in Budget Travel, Extreme Travel, Family Travel, Only The Best, Outdoor Travel, Travel Africa, Travel Asia, Travel Brazil, Travel Destinations, Travel Egypt, Travel Europe, Travel Japan, Travel Libya, Travel Middle East, Travel North America, Travel Resources, Travel Styles, Travel USA, World Culture and History | 0 comments

The planet earth, is a home to a lot of mysterious places that usually attract millions of visitors year in year out. Nevertheless, if you move from one spot of the world to another, there exist some off-the-beaten paths which many people have never knew their existence. Such places are always full of hidden delights and secrets which are yet to be discovered. Most probably you might be willing to be among those few people who are in the know, then you are on the right track since the list below categorizes the thirteen most mysterious places around the world:

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