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Cheer Up your Mind with the Sweet Breeze of Greece

Cheer Up your Mind with the Sweet Breeze of Greece

From it’s high mountaintops to it’s white beaches and clear blue water, its amphitheaters to it’s modern museums, it’s love stories to it’s tragedies, Greece is a country of contradictions, unparalleled beauty and unrivaled culture. You would need a lifetime to discover and experience all that Greece has to offer, but because we may not have that much time I will list ten of the most amazing places in Greece that you should visit as soon as you can.


1. Sail Your Way to Corfu

Ruled by Roman, Byzantine, French, Venetian and British Empires at one time, Corfu is a vibrant island steeped in mythology, which perfectly exudes several cultures at once. Corfu’s capital is enclosed by two castles, and it’s outskirts are adorned with golden and pebbled beaches as well as gorgeous scenery and sweeping bays


2. Enjoy The Vibrancy of Mykonos Town

On the Aegean Sea lies a small town with whitewashed houses and narrow winding lanes, filled with boutiques, restaurants, clubs and hundreds of other shops you’d find in a cosmopolitan city. This city embodies the perfect balance of ancient monuments like Byzantine churches and 16th century windmills with a vibrant nightlife that is characteristic of modern living. While here you can visit Little Venice- a romantic seaside retreat that boasts of fantastic sunsets and picturesque houses with colorful balconies.

3. Absorb Minoan Culture- The Palace of Minos at Knossos

Lying on the largest and most diverse Greek Island-Crete, is a palace nearly 4000 years old. This palace is not only the most popular archaeological monument on Crete, it is also the site of legendary battles and thrilling myths such as that of Labyrinth and the Minotaur.

4. Travel to The Center of The Earth- Delphi

On the slopes of Mount Parnassus lies Delphi- A land once dedicated to Apollo and used to worship the god of prophecy and healing. Up the hill from the Temple of Apollo lies the Delphi Theatre; an ancient theatre built in 4 B.C that held plays, musicals and poetry readings, and has sweeping views of the Temple and Mountain below. Around Delphi you can take advantage of other historical monuments like the Alter of Chians and the stadium as well as more modern art galleries and a host of restaurants and shops.

5. Suspend Yourself in The A
ir- Meteora

These cliffs that lie in the North Central mainland of Greece rise 1200 Feet in the air and overlook the smaller villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki. Sitting on top of these cliffs are 6 Eastern Orthodox monasteries that housed monks looking for spiritual isolation over 700 years ago. You can enjoy the shops and restaurants in the 2 smaller villages before exploring the incredible monasteries and viewing the art work and religious manuscripts contained within their walls. (image by MY PHOTOS 1000+)

Meteora – Greece

6. A Treasury, a Church, a Mosque And a Fortress- The Acropolis And The Parthenon

Cradled by remarkable mountains and seven historic hills is the city of Athens. Above the city lies a rocky outcrop on which the Parthenon sits. Built for the goddess Athena Parthenos, these ruins have the ability to transport you to a time of rich Greek culture and art, making it the most important Greek monument that stands today.

7. Live in The Lap of Luxury- Santorini

This picturesque island homes villages perched on the edges of steep cliff giving views of the turquoise seas that go as far as the eyes can see. This island has Venetian castles, a wine country and has a sunset beyond compare. While here you should visit Red beach and Kamari, which have beaches with red sand and black sand respectively. The island is also famous for it’s ancient Minoan city- preserved by ash after one of the biggest ever volcanic eruptions recorded took place 3600 years ago.

8. Discover  ‘The Wonder of The Mores’- Mystras

Lying near ancient Sparta is a fortified town of Medieval ruins and magnificent landscapes. Once ruled by relatives of the Byzantine Emperor, modern day Mystras holds ancient churches, palaces, fortresses and monasteries, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. The Most Beautiful Beach in The World- Myrtos

Beach Steep Cliffs give away to pure white beaches and clear turquoise water, giving us the magical Myrtos Beach.

10. Walk Where The Gods Walked- Mount Olympus

80 Km South West of Thessaloniki, rises Greece’s highest mountain- Mount Olympus. Greek mythology says that these mountains were formed after the gods defeated the titans in the Titan War, thereafter the 12 Olympian gods made this place home. Today, you can climb up the mountain, enjoying the bountiful flora and mind blowing views of the Aegean sea. Along the way you can stop at various refuge’s and enjoy stunning local cuisine and customary Greek hospitality.


These amazing places in Greece are just the tip of the iceberg, Greece has a lot more to offer. Many countries including all those in the EU do not need a visa to travel to Greece, but for those who do, a trip to the Greek consulate in your country is required to find out what documents are needed to apply for a visa. Once this is done enjoy your trip to this land of wonders.




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Featured image courtesy : Jason and Kirsten

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