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Crossing the Americas? 5 Ways to get from Alaska to Argentina

Crossing the Americas? 5 Ways to get from Alaska to Argentina

The distance from Alaska to Argentina is quite immense; it actually covers more than 3,800 miles. That distance is worth to think about when you are evaluating the method of transport you will use to get to this city. Depending on the number of days your vacation is intended to take you may opt for the fastest means, air or the slowest means cruise.  Here’s five great ways you can use to cross to Argentina from Alaska.

Alaska cruises

There are very many cruise lines that cross from Alaska to Argentina.  Though slower, cruises are fun filled and they actually have a lot of activities you can carry out during the entire voyage. Cruises are also quite affordable but this will depend on your preference and choice, luxury cruises will cost you more. On a cruise ship you will definitely enjoy sightseeing loads of glaciers, whales and seals that seem to be showing you the way. You might consider the Alaska cruises if you intend to get to Argentina in style. Crossing the Americas  5 Ways to get from Alaska to Argentina  - Airlines

Alaska airlines

Flying is one easy way of getting to Argentina, lane tickets will cost you from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $ 1800 depending on your carrier and how advance your booking is. We recommend you buy your tickets four to five months earlier, this way you will pay the least amount possible. Winter seasons also have a sweeter deal as plane tickets are subsidized up to by 50%.  Periods between the months of March to September are the most expensive and if you happen to be on vacation this period you can still consider other cheaper ways of getting to Argentina. (Image by

Alaska buses

Alaska buses are also an option to get to Argentina. Alaska has some of the most modernized and custom made buses that the world has to offer. They have ample leg space and chairs can be adjusted such to a sleeping position. On the way you will enjoy sightseeing majestic mountains, massive glaciers and the great pristine national parks. Buses offer you a moderately safer and faster means of transport. Crossing the Americas  5 Ways to get from Alaska to Argentina - Train

Alaska trains

Alaska boasts of having one of the most famous rail cruises in the whole of North America. The company offers five leisure trains all which its passengers are treated to seeing Mt. McKinley and local wildlife from pristine national park. Cabins are quite spacious and luxurious depending on the category you book with first class being the best. Along the way you will enjoy to see UNESCO world heritage site which is also home to sixteen glaciers which are very famous in producing icebergs. (Image by J Watson)

Alaska car hire

A trip to Argentina by car can take approximately twelve days depending on how often you will plan to take naps. If you hire a strong and powerful car, you can actually get to Argentina very first, remember you will be required to have a valid passport and a license besides insurance and approximate $500 as liquid cash that will go to credit cards. The drive is however incredible and one of a kind, you will enjoy to see Yukon and Denali National park.

Alaska and Argentina are distant countries and you really need to work out on the best option for travelling. If you are travelling in large groups, car hire is better as you have the freedom to alight and aboard as you will, you will also enjoy exchanging the wheels so you will be moving for the larger part of the day. The road also gives you the best opportunity to see some places you wouldn’t have seen well on air. You may consider these tips during your next vacation to Argentina.


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