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Discount Travel Sites that Make your Trip Cheaper

Discount Travel Sites that Make your Trip Cheaper

Are your desirous of getting access to low airfare and hot deals without having to scrape the web deeply? With an astronomical rise in the number of discount travel sites and many more travel portals mushrooming with each passing day, there is no dearth of awards, rewards and deals on airfare, hotels, car rentals and apartment hires. Along with all this, you may also look forward to many travel packages that are loaded with perks and other add-ons.

Read on for reasons behind sites like becoming more like lifestyle portals -having serious cult followings behind them. From complimentary upgrades to over 50 percent discounts on published rates to dinner at signature restaurants – new sites are continuing to offer mind blowing deals for all types of vacationers, adventure mongers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Read on for a quick peep into the discount travel sites that offer some of the best travel bargains.

Ever since its launch in the year 2009, has always led the pack of discounted “flash sales” on high-ended properties– in most cases, hand-selected by the inspiring Jetsetter team. This travel- lifestyle website now boasts of has 2.2 million members (and still counting), and a mind blowing range of 20-40 sales each week , at enthralling prices that offer up to 50 percent off. What really makes Jetsetter fun to visit and successful is the exhaustive range of new features that make it much more than a flash-sale site. Best known for its many themed–sale formats, like Mystery Mondays, Jetsetter Homes, Jetsetter Journeys and more; this portal is certainly worthy of your visit. (image by The High Low)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Discount Travel Sites that Make your Trip Cheaper

Looking for setting off on a vacation sooner than later? You can get the much needed upper hand by logging into and going through last-minute flight deals and other travel offers. The site acts as a personal assistant that is perfectly equipped to complete all your grunt work, fast.  The portal’s alerts and fare listings include unadvertised fares, airline promo codes and several discount coupons that can be found you in an easy and convenient manner. This site also lists Southwest Airlines, which is extremely notorious for being unavailable on search engines. The best news is that your desired fares come to your inbox directly or in the form of real-time tweets-enjoy! interesting Denmark-based travel deals portal compares and finds airfare prices from more than 700 websites (which includes airlines as well as travel agencies).  It helps you find small airline carriers, unlike larger travel portals that prefer to stick with the more prosperous carriers only. Momondo is already a big hit in Europe and is now creating a buzz stateside with its no-frills functionality, growing routes and sexy design. Here, you are offered color-coded city guides with specifically defined colors representing rail transportation, soon-to-launch fare predictions, flight search results and a lot more. (image by Sergey Kovalyov)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Discount Travel Sites that Make your Trip Cheaper

Oft referred to as “Groupon for travel,” offers discounted rates on getaway travel to exotic destinations like Aruba, Las Vegas and Buenos Aires. This website sells excess inventory of hotels and resorts, adds tons of perks in accordance to the destination, guided tours, complimentary breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

So, are you ready to explore these portals and many others in the league and make your travel plans cost you less -the right way?

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