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Eastern Mongolia Beckons The Traveler in You

Eastern Mongolia Beckons The Traveler in You

Remoteness, solitude and dominating sense of boundless space lures the most adventurous travelers to an amazing spectacular region of mountains, little-visited hills, grasslands and lush vistas of the eastern Mongolia. Though amazingly beautiful, the country’s extreme eastern precincts are quite hostile to human habitation, with even the nomadic establishments being very few and spotted far between.

If you are planning to visit this part of the globe on your next vacation, then do be prepared be gallop across never-ending seas of green, ascend holy mountains, camp near secluded lakes, trudge along the trails of Mongolia’s famous son, who brought about dynamic changes in the face of Asia and Europe and more …… there is certainly a lot to do and see in its picturesque terrains.

Forests, Hills and Lakes

The best way to explore eastern Mongolia is by taking a clockwise tour that takes you across from Ulaanbaatar to the popular Chinggis Khan City and then north into the mystical land of hills, rolling pastures, lakes and forests. The highlights of the area include the quiet province of Khentii which once spawned history’s greatest warlords; the world renowned Khökh Nuur Lake , where Chinggis Khan proclaimed himself the leader of the Mongol tribe for the first time and the wonderful and attractive temple of Baldan Bereeven Khiid which was restored after being ravaged during the Communist purges of 1930s.(image by Jay Selley)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Eastern Mongolia Beckons the Traveler in You Chinggis Khan City

While in Binder, you may like to embark on a horse expedition to the confines of Burkhan Khalduun-the alleged burial grounds of Chinggis Khan (remember, this holy mountain is not accessible to foreigners). The appeal of the quaint village of Dadal, his birthplace, is equally enchanting and is marked with a big ovoo -a cairn covered with devotional ribbons. Here, you can check out Khan’s family tree within the precincts of a small museum that is dedicated to Temujin.

As you head further east, you will find yourself in north Dornod, where the mesmerizing views of the steppe are sometimes broken down by herds of meandering gazelle. The hills located near Bayan-Uul village are home to the mysterious ruins of a temple, the origins of which are totally unknown. The region is one of the lesser known parts of the country where the rituals of genuine shamanism are still practiced. If you are lucky enough, you may just stumble upon a ceremony.

Camping -Far away from the Maddening Crowds

Camp next to Khökh Nuur (Blue Lake)-a very pretty bird-rich wetland which effectively marks out the lowest point in Mongolia -about 500m above sea level. En route, you can savor the delights of Choibalsan, the region’s bustling regional capital, pass small fragments of the Chinggis Khan’s Wall and many grasslands -as far as your eye can see. Splendid in its isolation, the beautiful Buir Nuur Lake is  a perfect camping ground for those who like to be away from the maddening crowds. With the Khalkhiin Gol River flowing east of the lake, this is the very place where the battles of WWII were fought way back on its banks in the year 1939. (image by UHRICH Damien)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Eastern Mongolia Beckons the Traveler in You Khokh Nuur

The list of places to visit in East Mangolia is indeed endless…. Enjoy!

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