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Eco-Friendly Road Travel Tips

Eco-Friendly Road Travel Tips

Suddenly, it seems like all tourists and vacationers want to go green . Advertisements and travel portals are touting green hotels, green tour operators and green destinations alike. The world is now slowly aligning itself to the fact that ecologically smartness in general is equivalent to be being ecologically smart while traveling-and reaps great benefits as well. These interesting tips promise to make your next road journey as green as the lush terrains beyond!

Remain Tuned

A car in a good state of repair definitely runs more efficiently. So, get tune ups as well as oil changes; replace the oil, air and fuel filters right on schedule; find out more about the motor oil that your car’s manufacturer ideally recommends and make plans to use the same–you will end up boosting your gas mileage by more than  1 to 2 percent by keeping these guidelines in mind. Also, do keep all the tires properly inflated. Apart from helping save the eviction of 400-700 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, you also enhance your gas mileage by almost 3 percent.(image by BarbaraLN)

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Plan Your Route Sensibly

You can go ahead and find the most direct routes by using GPS and apps for making you aware of the directions and mapping of the destination that you intend to   visit. Along with bring about a reduction in your usage of gas and eliminating the carbon footprint, smart planning helps in getting rid of many travel woes and helps you get a closer look at many sites that you may missed otherwise. However, it is also important to take just as many pit stops as required and create  a formal itinerary-this helps you reach your destination in time. Remember,  stopping continuously and re-starting a cold engine is far less efficient than driving longer stretches with warmer engines-act likewise.

Lighten Up-in all Ways

Lighter vehicles are always more fuel efficient. It is good to carry only whatever is essential for planned activities-this ensures safe, comfortable road journeys. So, you can limit your multiples to underwear, socks and wardrobe-stretching accessories. Choose double-duty footwear like sandals that radically transition from day to night wear; go in for mix-and-match attire made of hand-washable, wrinkle-resistant and fast-drying fabrics; make your packing list and then edit and remake the same -you will end up travelling much lighter. You may also consider ditching the roof rack and increasing the aerodynamic drag-this reduces your fuel efficiency.

Right Ways of Driving

As far as driving is concerned, you need to do so lightly as well. Steer clear of slamming brakes, exceeding speed limits, accelerating like scared jackrabbits or lowering your fuel efficiency by driving at slower speeds on empty highways. However, driving faster than 60 miles/hour on interstates can make your fuel efficiency decrease dramatically. Cruise control is an appropriate friend for a fuel-conscious driver; are you one? (image by epSos .de)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Eco-Friendly Road Travel Tips Right Ways of Driving

With all these guidelines and tips in place, you can certainly look forward to great savings and some wonderful moments of road journey ahead. Enjoy!

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