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Experience Cirque du Soleil on Your Holiday

Experience Cirque du Soleil on Your Holiday

If you haven’t seen a Cirque du Soleil show yet, you’re truly missing out on a world class experience. It’s no wonder that they’re the world’s leading theatrical producer. Cirque du Soleil was originally intended to only last year when it first started producing shows in Quebec. However, it was so well received by audiences and critics that it quickly became a worldwide tour popping up in major cities, making it a thematic event during family holidays and vacations. So if you are around New York City, Los Angeles, or any other major city around the world, considering getting show tickets online way in advance since such tickets are sold out quickly, especially to the new and top shows. Basically, Cirque du Soleil is a circus show on steroids. Imagine being enthralled by a display of colorful characters who captivate you into a fantastical story through a harmonious balance of art and entertainment. These guys are truly incredible performers who push the limits of the human body through jaw-dropping stunts and unbelievable tricks. If you haven’t seen a Cirque du Soleil show yet, 2017 is the year to put one these top shows on your holiday bucket list:

1. Mystere –

This is the classic show that will give you the signature Cirque du Soleil feel and experience. If you really want to be captivated, this show will not disappoint. The acrobatic tricks are mind-blowing and the performers are truly cinematic. You’ll have the time of your life.

2. The Beatles LOVE –

You don’t have to be a Beatles fan to be easily enamored by their music. Imagine a show that is choreographed to embody everything that’s great about the Beatles including all of the highs and lows that will get your blood pumping and craving for more. The intense trampoline and roller-skate acts are so perfectly paired with the most idyllic Beatles songs and the closing act is a huge bed sheet that magically pulls over the audience. And if you are a Beatles fan, the after-show gift shop is the place to purchase memorabilia in tribute to the band and the show.

3. Michael Jackson ONE –

Similar to the Beatles Love show, the Michael Jackson ONE show is choreographed around the music the late great Michael Jackson himself. You might have seen many renditions of dances to hit songs like ‘Thriller‘, but this show is probably the best version yet. With holograms and costumes that are so impressive, they will literally have you up and dancing too. You’ll feel like you just went to a show and dance party all in one – can’t beat that.

4. Zumanity –

This is the show for adults, and what we’re really saying is Zumanity is a show that is all about sex. If you’re into provocative romances, this show will truly capture you into the art of sex.

5. Criss Angel Believe –

This is the show you’ll want to check out if you really want to be wowed. It’s all about illusion and playing with the mind through the art of magic. After experiencing the Believe show, you’ll understand why Criss Angel is the greatest magician of all time. If you’re into this kind of stuff, this is the show for you.

Regardless of which Cirque du Soleil show you choose to see, you won’t be disappointed. There many other great shows besides the one presented here like Fire and Alegria. However, you’re probably now feeling like you’ve been missing out on something special your whole life so far if you still haven’t seen a Cirque du Soleil show. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to start planning your next holiday now. All you need to do is book your tickets soon!


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