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Experiencing a Desert Safari in Dubai

Experiencing a Desert Safari in Dubai

The vibrant paradise amidst the desert invites every traveler to come and experience some of the world’s most exhilarating excursions and adventurous journey. The once lonely desert is now transformed into a bustling Mecca touted as the city of the future. Tourists will run out of time admiring and exploring the magnificence of Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. You can try some of the most interesting activities and places to explore when in Dubai.

A Desert Safari in Dubai

When in Dubai, you should not miss an opportunity to travel in the desert and book yourself a desert safari, the ultimate attraction of this desert paradise. It’s a fun way to culminate your adventurous journey in the colossal city of Dubai. You can embrace the city’s rich history and culture as you head out for an exhilarating ride over the golden sand dunes. With a luxurious 4-wheel drive vehicle and an expert driver, you can head out for an exhilarating ride over the golden sand dunes. You can also embrace the rich history and experience the unique culture of a desert life, as you cap your safari with a hearty dinner under the stars where a buffet of authentic Arabian barbecue is prepared for you to feast on. Your evening will not be complete without a very entertaining belly dance performance.

The Gold Souq

Dubai has been hailed as the Golden Land, where the world’s most illustrious gold market is located. The Souq is lined with shops where you can have almost all types of golden jewelries imaginable, and in various qualities. You can also choose from the assortment of clothes, spices, and perfumes sold at the Gold Souq (Image by jandudas).

Palm Jumeirah

Everything you need and all the elements of a luxurious holiday travel can be found in this palm-shaped, man-made urban island communities floating in the Persian Gulf. Some of the world’s illustrious hotels, shopping centers, tourist attractions and luxurious fashion brands converged in Palm Jumeirah. It is truly one of the most amazing attractions of this desert city.

Burj Al Arab

Perhaps Dubai’s most important iconic landmark and the most famous tourist destination, this luxury hotel standing on an artificial island is currently the world’s tallest hotel. Hailed as the home of the world’s seven star hotel rooms, Burj Al Arab, standing proud at an altitude of 321 meters, has become the city’s important symbols of opulence.

Dubai Museum

Once a fortification built against foreign invaders, the splendid Al Fahidi Fort is now transformed into the beautiful Dubai Museum. A visit to this famed museum will expose you to an assortment of costumes, tools, weapons, dioramas and other exhibits that will help you understand the rich history and culture of the Arabian civilization (Image by thovie333).

The timeless calmness of the desert and the fascinating historic landmarks contrasted with the opulence of contemporary structures and the lively bustle of the metropolis made the beautiful Dubai one of the most visited cities on the planet. From Diera on the north, the Bur Dubai on the south and the bustling Jumeirah, tourists will sure to find some interesting place to visit and fun activities to do. No wonder to travel Dubai is on top of every adventurous traveler’s itinerary.


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Featured image courtesy : Frank Kehren

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