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Family Destinations That Top The List This Year

Family Destinations That Top The List This Year

Whoever said that the most awaited and most successful family trips were only about spending a week with a certain famous mouse as company? Located far from the magical world of Disney land and other locations that promise to rank high on the radar of family vacationers and tourists traveling in large groups with loved ones in tow, these places are equally interesting and luring crowds fro near and far.

Savor the Rainbow of Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan may be arid and dry in most parts, but it boasts of a rainbow of colors that is past compare. Whether it is about the sashaying of a hundred thousand mirrored and sparkling saris; high standards of hotel accommodation steeped in historical value and rich cultural significance; stepping into the living fairy tale like environs of Jaisalmer’s labyrinthine old city; wandering across the narrow lanes of the blue-painted city of Jodhpur; taking a walk through times in the gold-dripping palaces Rajput rulers or more. The list of things to do and see here is indeed endless. From enjoying brief camel rides to understanding the sounds, sights and smells that greet them at every stop en route-this trip promises to be interesting in many more ways than one. (image by rahulwebsharan)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Family Destinations That Top the List this Year Rajasthan

Santa and his 1001 Reindeer in Lapland

Christmas for kids is certainly not Christmas without, snow and at least a dozen reindeer. If the same goes for your kids too; then there is no better place for celebrating Yuletide than in the scenic precincts of than Finnish Lapland-located far in the Arctic Circle. This exciting family vacation comes packaged with Santa’s official home, sleigh rides, a thronged post office, soaring pine trees, the colorful northern lights and ice hotels. After creating your base in Rovaniemi -, your children can look forward to crashing out in a cozy sauna-equipped cabin, get that much needed dose and adrenaline rush of ski-jumping and drive up snowy roads-right up to the popular land of jingle bells. A word of caution -try to keep their eyes away from the mention of the word ‘reindeer’ on myriad restaurant menus; they may be disturbed by the idea of eating Rudolph.

Go Lego in Copenhagen

When Hans Christian Andersen went about writing ‘Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen in Danny Kaye; he wasn’t wrong. This Denmark’s very entertaining and happy capital makes for a grand destination and some awesome family time moments. Most itineraries start off with a short trip that takes your kids past the famous statue of Andersen’s Little Mermaid; the well landscaped precincts of the grand old Tivoli Gardens (the venue where  fairground rides have delighted children since 1843) and of course, the sight of budding architects challenging their own passionate skills in the family friendly Legoland. (image by Eric Meyer)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Family Destinations That Top the List this Year Lego in Copenhagen

These and many other interesting locations promise to provide a lot of fun filed moments for family vacations and offer some of the best moments of bonding, merry making, delights of outdoor sporting activities and a lot more.

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