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Fascinating Places in Bogor (Indonesia) You Never Knew Existed

Fascinating Places in Bogor (Indonesia) You Never Knew Existed

Bogor is the place you want to be when you visit Asia if you want to explore beyond the already crowded Jakarta. Bogor will offer you a release and winter-like paradise outside Jakarta. This amazing and unique climate provides a fascinating opportunity for a chill weekend or a longer holiday. But before even considering any of the following great places around Bogor, consider booking your accommodation in advances in reputable sites such as where the booking process is easy and fast.

Wide Deer Farm 

The 5 hectare deer farm in Bogor is the place you want to go if you want to have a cool trek in the wide plains together with the deer freely moving around. The farm allows tourists and visitors to interact and play with the friendly deer in the area. You may also purchase a deer if you wish to as they are available for selling. Not only the deer, you may also camp and sleep in the farm if you want.

Relaxing Highland Park 

The Highland Park has a Mongolian styled camps is best for holding team building for companies and with your friends. They have a very friendly staff and the food being offered in the resort is delicious. They have great facilities and a good spot for honeymooners who just want to have the place for them. It is worth the visit after frolicking at the deer farm.

Highland Park bogor

Venice in Indonesia

The Little Venice of Bogor prides itself for the charming villages and the Venice like appeal to the tourists. It has boating canals and moors where you can take a boat in visiting the city. It is a beautiful place to take a quite stroll and for looking out for canal boats. It is a pretty little place best for relaxing and walking.

Botanical Garden 

The Bogor Botanical gardens adjoin the presidential palace. The garden covers up to 87 hectares and has 13,983 kinds of trees and bushes. Since Bogor has better climate than Jakarta because of the tropical climate, it makes an advantage to the trees and plants in the botanical garden. The botanical garden is gorgeous and is perfect for sightseeing and photo-shoots.

Take a Hike at Gunung Batu

If you are a natural trekker and adventurer or just a newbie who wants to experience the beauty and height of Bogor, then hiking at Gunung Batu should be included in your itinerary. The place will offer you the best hiking experience with its cool breeze and fresh greenery.

Bogor is such a fantastic place that offers you unlimited experiences with its wonderful sites. There are a lot of beautiful places you want to visit in Indonesia but Bogor certainly must be your first priority. You can take a visit and just chill at the local café in the place. The cool and calm environment will surely calm your stress.


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Images credit (under CCL) by order: Julien,  Bogor Istimewa