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Five Celebrity Worthy Activities for Your Los Angeles Vacation

Five Celebrity Worthy Activities for Your Los Angeles Vacation

Los Angeles has long been a prime vacation designation for celebrity worthy activities. The city is rich with a great variety of places to entice the visitor. There are many exotic locations and elegant resources to maintain a fantastic stay within this city, and even celebrity worthy vacation rentals overlooking LA. Here are five celebrity worthy activities for your Los Angeles vacation:

1) The Hollywood Walk of Fame
The Hollywood Walk of Fame has been a draw for visitors since the first eight stars were placed down in 1958. The nearly one and a half mile long walk along Hollywood Boulevard now contains upwards of 2,500 stars. Each star represents that celebrity’s achievements within their own industry and in several cases some of them have been chosen outside of the five designated categories. One such monument is a remembrance for the Apollo 11 astronauts, while not in any entertainment field, it was decided to memorialize their achievement based on their televised efforts.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

2) Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood is an electrifying designation with vast amounts of history and fast-passed theme park amusements. Since the early days the most famous and oldest institutions of film-making in use to this very day has offered tours of the studio. From the the first small tours to the expansive attractions that Universal contains, the park has grown to enormous proportions and popularity. The exciting activities range from the family oriented, amazing thrill rides to even possible glimpses of ongoing productions.

3) Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier is a gorgeous landmark over one hundred years old. First built in 1909, the double-jointed pier has been used in countless movies and concerts, slowly turned into a small amusement-packed park. A beautiful carousel with over forty hand-crafted horses was built in the 1920’s and rebuilt in the 1990’s inside of the added attraction, The Hippodrome. The Santa Monica Pier maintains an aquarium, many restaurants, and even a trapeze school while hosting a variety of performances. The nearby Santa Monica Beach stretches out for nearly four miles, a prime location for a day at the ocean.

4) Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory
At over 4,300 acres of unrestrained fauna, Griffith Park is one the largest urban parks in the entire country. Laden with a notorious and history-laden past, the park has secured itself as a destination worthy even celebrity status. Griffith Observatory is one of the most notable spots within the park. Within the walls of the Observatory, a comprehensive collection of scientific and space-related displays can be seen. The Apollo astronauts were trained using this planetarium in the 1960’s and visitors can even catch a glimpse of the iconic Hollywood sign from its location.

Griffith Park

5) Disneyland
Old or young, age has little regard when it comes to visiting Disneyland. People from all over the world flock to this world of magic and fantasy. Disneyland is operated year-round and home to plethora of famous characters ranging from Mickey Mouse and his friends to every single Disney princess. There are rides that are both exciting and relaxing as well as parades, firework shows and many nostalgic attractions.

Los Angeles has a broad spectrum of resorts and hotels that are within easy travel of any decided designation though most find a private villa to be best. Any visitor’s interest can be sought out and indulged while vacationing in this vast celebrity-rich environment.


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