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Get More Luxury for Less

Get More Luxury for Less

Desirous of heading off into the upcoming holiday season with lesser pains being inflicted on your pocket? You cannot escape the fact: globally, economic times are still slow. However, with a little tact in place, you can travel in the manner that best suits your discerning needs; there are always ways and means. Try these simple but effective tips to let your dollars last a little more.
Boutique is the way to go…..

More often than not, boutique properties boast of their own designer style – without irking you with the price tag of stellar chains. If they lack a bit in size, they end up making for in personality. For instance, the luxury safari-style camps at Sal Salis, situated beside the famous Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia has been touted as the best-back-to-nature experiences money can buy. Here, a minimum two nights stay under canvas can cost $1,370 per person and includes all food and wine, world’s best snorkeling and guided gorge walks. In a nutshell, boutique accommodation facilities offer more affordable rates and promise to make your vacation all the more memorable. (image by Jacques Trempe)

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Travelling ‘Off Season’

Travelling outside peak times presents plenty of benefits too: substantially lower prices no crowds, and more local flavors. With climatic control options in place in most exotic facilities worldwide, you need not worry about inhospitable weather conditions too. For example, the cod wintery nights of Vienna are the busiest time for balls and concerts and give you the perfect excuses to retreat indoors. On the other hand, rains in Maldives make you expect an afternoon shower while Tahiti’s high/ low seasons are generally dictated by the holiday calendar in America-take your pick and enjoy more luxuries for less.

Steer Clear of Rack Rates

With an exhaustive range of internet deals floating all around, you need not pay a cent more on your room tariffs. And yes, if you are wondering whether you need to book days in advance get the off-peak rates, then you need to think again. Remember, five star hotels are no Dubai souks -so, resist from nurturing the fear to haggle. Ironically, the longer you are ready to you stay; the greater you’ll save. Generally reserved for VIPS, celebrities and special events; the penthouse suites are generally negotiated. If your timing is right, you could live it up in  ultimate comforts and style-for a much lesser amount than you might have imagined.

Wait for the Cookies to Crumble

One of the hidden traps with booking your travel online is that the info provided by you is saved on tiny files, called cookies. This in turn is stored on your internet’s browser and keeps a track of all the particular websites that you surf. This effectively means that whenever you browse your favorite website, you end up getting a quote with an inflated price; which is based on your spending history in the past. Avoid being duped and begin each new internet search only after deleting the cookies -you will not be disappointed!(image by Lucy Denholm)

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Are you ready for luxurious vacation -at the least cost?

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