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Get More Travel Points With These Tips

Get More Travel Points With These Tips

Looking towards eating out as well as big airfare savings; go in for the programs linked with Airline Restaurant Rewards. Wanting to grab points towards rental cars and hotel bookings look for the offers committed by Amtrak Guest Rewards. Have a much awaited family vacation in mind ; simply discover the secrets behind the Best Family Hotel Rewards—you will not be disappointed.


The most lucrative ways of earning travel points/ miles by staying in posh hotels or booking expensive flights is now passe. In fact it is easy to cite instances of people spending well over 100 nights in rated  hotels and flying close to over 200,000 miles a year but still getting a major chunk of their points from various non-travel sources. This stands all the more true in the case of budget-conscious travelers-and yes, it proves to be much easier than you may like to think. From tweeting an airline/hotel to getting yourself the right credit cards -there are some great  ways of starting to start to accrue miles/ points for yourself. Take a quick look at some of the best ways of going about the act.

Plastic Money-the right way to go…..

Out there, credit cards happen to be the single most lucrative resource of points/miles. You will find several credit cards that are offering huge signup bonuses that go up to 100,000 points /miles For instance the ones offered by the British Airways Visa and Amex Platinum Card have done so in the in the past year. Credit cards also present great ways of racking up bonus points with your everyday expenses too. You can get special bonuses of various spending categories wherein you can spend by earning multiple points/ dollar; like the 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards where you get to earn points for cable as well as internet bills, on fine dining or booking tickets for travel with the Sapphire Preferred. You may also look around for credit cards that offer spending bonuses on the transactions of a particular calendar year ; like that of the Amex Premier Rewards Gold that offers a 15,000-point bonus if you happen to spend $30,000 or more in a specific calendar year-thus giving you a 50% points boost essentially. In a nutshell, when it comes to using credit cards, it certainly pays to know where benefits and spending power lie.(image by Pyogenes Gruffer)

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While Shopping, Skip the Urge to Pay in Cash

A little bit of research will prove that each time you end up paying for something in cash, you throw away your points. It certainly pays to be financially responsible charge every single dollar linked with of your normal expenses on to credit card that’s points-earning. This includes your utilities, gas, phone, groceries, rent, dining bills and more…… the list is quite exhaustive; just remember to watch out for the processing fees. Along with your day-to-day utility bills, you can also notch  a lot of points by booking airlines and hotels— American, Southwest and Delta being some of them. There are some online shopping portals, where you can earn bonus offers with various merchants -from Nordstrom to Target and beyond–  simply find the retailer of your choice and make purchases as usual.

So, are you ready to collect rewards and points and exchange them for travel miles or other cash benefits-the right way?

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