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Go Disney-Pack the Right Things In

Go Disney-Pack the Right Things In

Walt Disney World-every child’s dream and home to the world famous mouse and duck is a location that is both mystical and adventurous -in every sense of the word. Before setting out, it is important to make a comprehensive list of all the important items that need to be packed in, so that your children have every essential item in place and may look forward to some great tidings in their upcoming vacation.

A much looked forward to vacation to Walt Disney World definitely proves to be an exciting experience, but then you may run into avoidable pitfalls if you fail to pack appropriately. It is essential to take along the right clothing, sun protection and accessories along with all the things that can help to ensure your comforts and well-preparedness for various aspects of your stay. Yes, you may go ahead and but all that you need at this thriving theme park but being prepared beforehand helps you save good money for entertaining souvenirs, more rides and plenty of treats!


It is always better to go ahead and plan your Disney trip in advance. To make the most of your vacation, it is a good idea to log into their official portal ( and order the customized maps related to all the four Disney World theme parks; with their oft visited attractions highlighted. You may also like to receive special stickers that help you mark out the other highlights which your kids may wish to visit in the parks.(image  by kate wilbet)

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Along with the papers connected with finding your way around, it is also a great idea to have trip details regarding the dining options available to you in Disney World. It is better to make reservations at the restaurants beforehand -especially during the peak seasons. Along with all these requisite papers, remember to carry along a copy of your tentative itinerary and reservations also.


During summers, it rains almost every day in Florida. If you want to avoid paying an extravagant amount for renting out ponchos at the park, then it is well advised to carry along rain gear for each and every member in your group. Along with planning for the weather uncertainties that may come your way, you also need to plan your clothing requirements in accordance to the theme parks you intend to visit and the activities that you/ your kids would like to indulge in. (image by Degan Walters)

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Due to the presence lush vegetation all across the park, the areas occupied by Disney’s Animal Kingdom is more humid than the other parks in the group, so carrying along lighter clothes is a good idea. Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom both boast of water rides which are liable to get you drenched. So, unless you are carrying rain gear to wear on these attractions, avoid clothes that may become see-through when wet; while enjoying the many thrills and chills of these parks. Most people end up buying fancy and new shoes just before visiting the park -this can cause cramps and make your trip uncomfortable; just stick to your favorite walking /tennis shoes and you shall be fine on your strenuous Disney vacation.

Sun protection, the right toiletries, camera, baggies for electronics and cell phones… these are some of the other important things that form important components of you packing list!

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