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How to Handle Long Flights With Kids – Tips

How to Handle Long Flights With Kids – Tips

Family trips are quite special and every year during summer as well as winter holidays lots of family travels to different places. Holidays are meant for travel and before that quite a few planning needs to be done. The planning helps you to create a certain checklist and accordingly you can collect the items that are essential for the trip. If you are planning for a trip with kids proper planning is required and all necessary baby items need to be carried just to ensure the comfort of your kids. 

Tips of how to handle long flights with kids

Whenever you travel, flights are quite common and you need to ensure certain things that will help your kid to adjust with the pressure change or oxygen shortage. Here are few tips that will help you to make your travel quite smooth and enjoyable.

· Take the push chair right up to the aircraft

Almost all the airlines these days let you to carry the chair up to the aircraft. This helps the baby to be comfortable and in case the flight is late the baby can enjoy a comfortable sleep. Even almost all the aircrafts help you get the buggy back as early as possible when you step off the plane. So make sure the push chair is all along with you and its comfortable both for parents as well as the kid.

· Take night flights

Choosing a night flight is a good option as the baby will be tired and will feel asleep fast enough. Choosing a day flight won’t allow such cases as mostly kids are awake that time. This is a nice trick and it works, try this on your next trip.

· Carry with a Yu Yee oil

This particular oil is good enough for kids and once you rub the oil on their feet’s, palms of their hand, tummy and this will help the kids to stay calm on the flight. The oil is made up of peppermint oil, clove oil, menthol and is really effective one.

· Pack different foods

Don’t rely on the airline foods as such foods are not good all the time or unhealthy. Some snacks and other items can be good to keep your kids busy and enjoy the trip; after all it’s your holiday trip.

· Have milk with you all the time

Prepare and carry loads of milk as well as toddlers and give it to your kids during takeoff or landing. Baby’s ear can be affected due to low pressure and they can start feeling uncomfortable. Having breastfeed or sucking a bottle can be really helpful.

Once you pay heed to some details and take the necessary steps you can enjoy your trip with your kid but if not taken seriously can turn out to be a worst travel ever. There are lots of famous holiday destinations in the world and if you are looking for some Asian countries do visit the National parks in Thailand. The scenic beauty and the environment is quite amazing which will be loved by both adults as well as kids.


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  1. Yes,Kids are very crazy and we should take care of them while we are traveling with them.These are the great tips which we should consider in our mind before travel with them in flight.