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How to Use Calling App While Travelling Abroad

How to Use Calling App While Travelling Abroad

Making international call becomes very expensive especially if you do not have an international SIM card. But even having an international SIM does not exempt you from the hefty charges per minute. The charges hugely depend on whether the call you are making is local or international. This becomes extremely unsustainable especially if you need to call back home very frequently.

For instance, as a businessman on an international trip the frequency of calls and conversations with business associates become numerous and unavoidable. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. A solution that will reduce your calling rates tremendously. Consequently, you will save a lot of money spent on making international calls. Well, free calling app it is. The perfectly calling app suitable for international calling. It provides you with very excellent offers including free international calls. How unbelievable!(Image by michaelchapman45)

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For anyone who has had felt the pain of calling a friend abroad will agree with me that this is a product you cannot just wish away. I recall very well – with profound sadness – how I found it very expensive to relay the information of the demise of my brother to my cousins and uncles living abroad. It was too costly to call. Sending a text was a little cheaper but that was not the best way to pass the message. In the recent past we have had two international networks namely; CDMA which is popular in Asia and GSM popularly used in Europe. Although the latter is very popular with foreign travelers, it cannot outdo the free calling app and whoever tries to buttress his own superficial and condescending disposition is deluded big time.

Furthermore, using CDMA or GSM network will require you to have two phones for you to communicate with your friends and loved ones back at home. For instance, if you are in the U.S. you need Verizon or Sprint to communicate on the CDMA platform while on the other hand you require AT&T or T-Mobile to operate on the GSM platform. This is quite expensive because you will either unlock the phone or buy at least a cheaper phone to be able to communicate on both platforms.(Image by Allison McCarthy)

Travel Far a Week - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Calling App While Travelling free Calling App While Travelling Abroad

On top of that you will have to purchase international SIM cards as well as the prepaid minutes you need to use. Rebtel, as the best alternative, will give you the perfect remedy for avoiding all these expenses. In fact, you will not need to purchase all these SIM cards and prepaid airtime to be able to keep abreast with what is happening back at home. All you require is to ensure that every person you need to communicate with has downloaded the Rebtel’s free calling app on their phones or personal computer. This will enable you and your loved ones to communicate free of charge without paying anything.

So you know the secret now, why don’t you grab it? Because Rebtel’s free calling app will help you avoid the roaming charges and change all your international calls to local. Is this not good news, friends?


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