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Keep Your Money Safe on Your Family Holiday

Keep Your Money Safe on Your Family Holiday

If you are traveling for a holiday with your family, you might need to stay safe and protect your money and family from being insecure. Vacations are exciting moments for every person since they give you some time to be happy with your family especially during holidays. Criminal activities are always on the rise during holiday seasons. If a thief gains access to your private information like your name and identification details, they can open accounts and spend thousands in debt and spoil your credit card. Here are a few things that you need to do to maintain safety of your cash, family and your identification details.

1. Have a light wallet 

It’s advisable to carry credit cards that you may require on your vacation and leave the other cards in your house. Take an ATM or debit card for cash withdrawals at ATM’s. Avoid carrying any card that shows your social security number. Identity theft prevention organizations suggest that you photocopy cards that have your social security number, and remove the last four digits. Take the copy with you while on your vacation and leave the original copies at home. If you are seen carrying a lot of money, you will be targeted by robbers when you don’t even expect to be.

2. Internet connectivity 

If necessary, try to access the network when you really have to. Very many people are victimized by identity thieves who access sites that are not secured and contain personal information. All that it needs is a single online credit purchase and someone who is looking for your information can inherit your name from there.

3. Register with identity theft protection agency 

Opening an account with identity theft protection organizations is very important for your security. Their work is to monitor your personal details and notify you when you are targeted by thieves. This agency operates on a 24 hour basis to protect your information from falling into the hands of other people.

4. Ensure safety of your electronic gadgets 

It is important to take all your devices into your room with you especially at night. Some robbers use drive by break in techniques to get to your gadgets. They break the windows of your car and remove your electronic gadgets which might have your information.

5. Carry a back up credit card 

It is crucial for you to carry a back up credit card. If your cards get stolen or you lose them, you will have an extra card that you can use to purchase important things like accommodation rooms and rental cars. This will make you continue with your holiday without stress.

6. Protect your debit card

Debit cards are always used for cash withdrawals from ATM’s and make little transactions. However you have to keep an eye on your card all along your vacation. The card is linked directly to your account and if you lose it to a thief, your account can be emptied in seconds.

These debit cards can be protected through the Electronic Fund transfer Act. You will need to quickly report to minimize your liability for fraud transactions.

7. Protect your valuables 

While on your trip, you need to keep your items with you while in the airport or on the plane. You can use locks to lock your bags and keep them safe from those who can get access to them and steal them from you. Consider purchasing good travel insurance.

In conclusion, avoid carrying items that contains your personal details so that someone can not steal them from you through pick pocketing. Pick pocketing is spread all over the world hence you need to be alert not to expose you valuables to them. Be safe as you travel by following these simple tips. Your family and your security should be your first priority while on a vacation.


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