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Long Haul vs Short Haul – Which is Your Winner?

Long Haul vs Short Haul – Which is Your Winner?

Do you like to get where you’re going quickly, or are you happy to sacrifice a bit of time, in order to see something amazing?

I guess it all comes down to cost and how much time you have spare, but when it comes down to choosing a holiday destination, the length of the flight is often the deal-breaker.

Surviving a long-haul flight without hitting the stress overload button can be made much more achievable by being prepared before you head out. Checking your online flight information is often the way to go, meaning you’re up to date with all goings on, you know which terminal you need to be at, when, and any other information pertaining to your flight, I use this handy flight tracker from Holiday Extras. The same could also be said for a short-haul flight, as being in the know is certainly the best possible start to any journey.

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Despite all this, spending several long hours on a plane isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

So, how can you come out the other end of a long haul flight, ready to enjoy your destination? And is it all worth it?

I’ve flown long haul and I’ve flown short haul, and I have to admit that my long haul flight might have been hell at the time, but I forgot all the boredom and tiredness once I arrived at my destination. I am of the opinion that far flung destinations are certainly more diverse, exotic, and interesting when compared to those that are closer to home. That’s not to say that the nearer countries, cities and resorts should be avoided, but I just think if you get the chance to head off somewhere further away, more exotic and somewhere that is classed as once in a lifetime, then you should grab it with both hands.

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The only way to make a long haul flight seem like it’s going along quicker than it really is, is to be occupied for the entire time. This might be sleeping, or it could be watching a film, listening to music, playing games, reading a book, or simply doing a bit of all the above, but whatever it is, make sure you never once look at the clock or watch the flight map! Checking your watch or watching the map will just make time go so much slower.

If all of this makes you shake your head, and you’re firmly on the side of short haul, then there are many destinations that make you feel like you’re a million miles away from home. In just four hours you can be in the land of mystery and wonder, namely Turkey, and in just an hour and a half you can be in the city of romance, Paris. The list is endless, and the destinations wonderful.

Whichever side you’re on, your flight is only the A to B part of your journey – the fun begins when you land.


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