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Low Budget Las Vegas

Low Budget Las Vegas

If you’re anywhere near the US, you could probably make a visit to Las Vegas into a road trip but lucky for the rest of the world, Las Vegas is as popular as ever, making flights much cheaper and more frequent. Lucky for Europe, you could compare any of the popular airlines or travel agencies offering Las Vegas flights from any major European city and find a cheap flight. So to experience the neon signs and fabulous culture that is Vegas all it costs is a plane ticket ‘cus there’s a way of touring Las Vegas without losing your shirt and that’s with the city’s top free attractions.

Atrium at The Mirage Las Vegas

I still can’t believe this was all free…this atrium (which is kind of like an entrance area) is 100-foot high (about 30 metres or a 10 story building) filled with lagoons, waterfalls and vibrant vegetation (especially the orchids). The palm trees stretch so high, you can’t believe you’re in a dome. This indoor rainforest is housed in The Mirage Hotel offers free entrance around the serene surroundings. (Image by wes.wombarra)

M&M World on Las Vegas Boulevard

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory Tour Cactus Drive, Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada

I don’t know why I thought this was a chocolate factory named after famed musical legend Ethel Merman…but it is a chocolate and happiness factory in Henderson founded by Forrest E. Mars (yip the very same inventor and introducer of M&M’s and the Mars Bar amongst many other wonderful treats), who took on this venture to keep himself busy after retiring in the 1980’s. You’ll learn all this in the tour (spoiler alert!) and much, much more. You’ll get to see the production of the high-end chocolate and how all the ingredients contribute to such sweet heavenly goodness. As a visitor, you can see the chocolate processing from mixing to moulding and the tour will lead you to some sampling from the Ethel M. chocolate collection.

M&M World on Las Vegas Boulevard, Nevada

Sticking with the chocolate theme and keeping it in the Forrest family is M&M World, which open daily from 9am until midnight and entrance is free. Close to Tropicana Avenue and MGM Grand, this four-story building dedicated to the tiny candy is filled with M&M souvenirs, a wall of candy in clear tubes creating a spectrum of bright coloured candy. Now visiting here is free but there are costs involved for certain things, like the My M&M Station (where you can get a personalised message made into M&M’s in the colour of your choice) and then the actual candy, toys, clothing and other store items are for sale but since you’ve saved so much on other Vegas attractions, maybe splurge a bit here, especially if you have kids and kids at heart. But fear not if you don’t wish to purchase anything, because just past the M&M Station, is an interactive 3D movie in the M&M’s theatre and on the forth floor is the NASCAR exhibition, showcasing the Toyota Camry sponsored by M&M’s. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open when moving to each floor, for the quirky characters posing in famous movie posters and a visual timeline of how the M&M’s characters developed over the years. (Image by djwhitaker2004)

Las Vegas-M&M World

Fountain Show at Planet Hollywood Resort

While most people will flock to the water show at Bellagio, head to the Miracle Mile Shops at the Planet Hollywood Resort to be welcomed by skipping spouts of water with lighting and fog effects accompanied by music created specifically for this indoor spectacular. (Image by St. Simon)

Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Fountain Show

So take a gamble on any of these free and fabulous Las Vegas attractions!


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