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Macau: Not Just a Gambling Paradise

Macau: Not Just a Gambling Paradise


Among the many holiday hotspots to be found across the world, Macau is one place that has emerged as a favoured destination in recent years – and indeed this island is now one of the most frequently visited places by tourists. Despite its reputation as a gambling powerhouse there is much more to see beyond the lights of Macau. Furthermore, given the wealth of things to see and do in Macau, it is not hard to understand why this is the case.


Enjoy eating

If you are a food lover with a passion for trying out different exotic cuisine, then Macau will be wonderful for you. Most food is either Cantonese or Portuguese, with Seng Cheong Restaurant being a superb place for the former. Located on Rua do Cunha Street, within Old Tapai Village, the signature meal here is the Crab Congee. However, you can also try the likes of Deep Fried Salted Frogs Legs and Frog Leg Congee here, at very reasonable prices, making it one of the most popular Macau eateries.

Visit the Historic Centre

You can take a tour of the Historic Centre of Macau for approximately £96, which is not cheap, but it does offer plenty for your money. Full of wonderful shops selling antiques, spectacular architecture and romantic narrow, cobbled streets, this is a great way to explore the culture of this part of Macau. Many of the island’s oldest and most historic buildings can be found in this area, leading a lot of locals and visitors to regard it as the island’s soul.

Hiking and trekking

If you move out of the main city area, you can find free entertainment in the Tapai and Coloane hills. These offer winding trails for hiking and trekking along, with stunning views of the city below thanks to the height. This is ideal for those who like to keep active during their holiday, and there is even roadside exercise equipment if you prefer jogging – along with cable cars costing between 3 and 5 patacas for those who prefer to enjoy the view in comfort.

Classy casinos

One of the things that Macau is particularly noted for is its luxurious hotel/casinos – mostly situated in the Macau Peninsular. The biggest of all is the Venetian Macau, which offers all imaginable table and slot machine games – plus eastern ones like Fan-Tan – more than 350 international brand name shops, 3,000 luxury hotel suites and gondola rides. Of course, this is not free to visit or stay in, but it is worth the expense. Another great Macau casino is the City of Dreams on the Cotai Strip. This has a multi-floor casino with themed options like the Hard Rock Gaming Area.

Senado Square

Considered the urban centre of Macau, Senado Square can be visited for free and is found at Largo do Senado. The unique patterned paving was created through Portuguese coloured mosaic stones and the buildings are a glorious sight to behold. As a cultural focus of the city there are always events taking place here – as well as a host of fine restaurants and shops.

It is very easy to see why Macau is becoming such a popular holiday destination, when it has attractions like these.


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